Best Full Face Helmet for Electric Skateboard 2021

Electric skateboarding is an active and somewhat risky game so you must take care of safety by wearing safety gadgets. Full face helmet for electric skateboard is one of those protective gear that should be in your priority. They can be a great way to show off your taste for style and set yourself apart. Today we are going to talk about full face motorcycle helmets.

Full-face helmets are seen as a safety necessity for skateboarders, but they also come with some obvious drawbacks. Most full-face helmets weigh about the same and are often bulky.

For wearing ang taking it off, requiring a bit of a struggle when riding. These helmets can also reduce the efficiency of a rider’s movement and limit their ability to turn but using it always a necessity.

Top 3 Best Full Face Helmet for Electric Skateboard

In case you don’t have time and want to know the best option then here are our top 3 picks:

  • Bell Super 3R
  • TSG Pass Helmet
  • Fox Proframe Full Face MTB

Bell Super 3R

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