Best cheap electric skateboard – Buying Guide 2022

The fun is always overpriced, and such joy that includes technology, it is no way going to be cheap. But we got you the best cheap electric skateboard where the skateboards are generally expensive in the line.

However, there we still group up some of the cheaper electric skateboards where it deems impossible to hop on some.   The electric skateboards have been widely used by the youngsters and the adults NOT just for the fun and entertainment but for commuting to the nearby stores and elsewhere within a few miles of radius.

And the good thing with the e-skateboards is, they are operated electrically, and you got nothing to do to gain the speed but control the speed with the wireless, and hand-held throttle remote or the newer and modern ones are equipped with the advance technology for setting and shifting the weight to the front area would move the board to the forward position AND shifting back the load to the rear would enable the braking.

So, bid farewell to the old traditional leg-driver skateboard and welcome the electric or e-skateboards in your family!

List of the best cheap electric skateboard — Updated picks for 2022!

Best Cheap Electric SkateboardSpeedExpected DistanceImageCheck Price
9.3 mph4 to 6 milesSwagtron-Swagskate-NG3 Check Price
13 mph10 milesVOKUL-V1 Check Price
12.4 mph6.2 milesHiboy-S11 Check Price
10 mph8 milesRazorX-Cruiser Check Price
12.5 mph7 milesVoyager-Neutrino-Compact-Cruiser Check Price
10 mph8 milesRazorX-Longboard Check Price
17 mph6 to 8 milesBLITZART-Tornado Check Price
12.4 mph6 milesAceshin Check Price
11 mph6 milesAZBO-C9 Check Price
16 mph14.5 milesAlouete-Phoenix-Ryders Check Price

Swagtron Swagskate NG3


Swagtron Swagskate NG3

The real and avid skaters know the real worth of the remote-free electric skateboard, and the folks will storm for owning Swagtron Swagskate NG3 because it contains all the features the folks wish for.

Formed with the thick and dense polypropylene material famous for its sturdy-build and prone to absorb the vibrations without breaking and twisting from any sides, being 9 inches wide got enough along with bearing 72mm polyurethane wheels give the unconditional support and the power it holds is just awesome to experience.

It comes with the robust, responsive sensors backed by the AI mechanism. These placed intelligent sensors detect the weight and the motion enabling the skateboard to make a complete halt to the board without dismounting off the deck.

Loaded with the kick-to-cruise which gets locked in your given speed to well over 9.3 mph to cruise with the same speed for as long as you do not try to reduce or make the stop and every curve, cuts, and the coast will be done through the same speed making you feel like the legendary skateboard player.

Designed for the epic rides, the pristine performance and the look will be retained during its entire lifeline where the color and other objects would not fade, wear down, and crack over time.

Made in the U.S.A. with keeping the best quality in check, this Swagtron Swagskate NG3 electric skateboard would never disappoint any day and any time.


Things i like
  • 72mm wheels
  • Enough wider to hold you steady on the deck
  • I.-backed system
  • Starts with kick-assist
Things i dont like
  • Does not react to the inclined commuting




 Out of the cheapest collection, we bring you VOKUL V1 as the complete e-skateboard loaded with the complete set of original and standard features tagged right to avail at the affordable price!

Make the deck with the layers of 7-ply maples. This ensures it holds the heavier weight without any hassle that you can entrust of getting the ultimate performance all the time no matter if you set afoot over the rough patches found on the roads and go through the utmost smoothness.

Got equipped with the powerful 350W hub motor, this would not mind taking this electric skateboard through the variety of rough and uneven terrains from hills and the off road as it comes included with the regenerative braking system that is exceptionally durable and trustable.

Comes included with the powerful ergonomic wireless remote where the rider feels super friendly to operate the wireless remote cut the most out of your hand with providing the firm grip allowing you to navigate with the commuting making you switch through the three-set speed smoothly ranges just from your fingertips.

Warrantied to offer six months of the comprehensive warranty covering all the manufacturing defects for you, it does not involve the grip tape and anything happening with the wheels.   It was loaded with 4.4Ah lithium battery, delivering the dynamic cruising speed catching to around 13 mph, taking you to complete 10 miles long coverage after getting it charged for two hours.

Slide it a little, and this VOKUL V1 electric skateboard will turn on itself, saving you from the hassle of turning on the various buttons placed inside the deck that means it is saving you a reasonable amount of time to get started with the fun right away.

Things i like
  • Loaded with powerful 350W hub motor
  • PU wheels
  • Maple deck
Things i dont like
  • Not a sound braking system involved.

Hiboy S11

Hiboy S11
Hiboy S11

What we love about it is the deck’s formation plus the graphics embedded over it, giving it the real touch of the skateboard used by the legendary or the professional skaters. And yes, this Hiboy S11 electric skateboard does not demand a heap of money off the wallet as it prices cheaper and relatively affordable.

Integrated with the wireless remote control which is rechargeable and ergonomic to handle that fits well in your grip making you controlling and switching through four-speed modes with increased comfort and convenience and is backed by y the regenerative braking system that would not let the skaters dismount off the deck when the brake presses.

Coupled with the powerful and single 350W motor capable of gaining the maximum speed of 12.4 mph powered by the equally-persuasive battery is good to knock down around 6.2 miles in one charge. Weighing just about 8.6 pounds, it is super-light to grab in your hands, and the inclined formation embedded into the design of over eight percent would make you perceive like surfing through the waves.

Good to go through the shorter commutes and to best enjoy the skating races down the road every evening with your friends coming up with their skateboards and wishing to get this Hiboy S11 electric skateboard when you are always beating and dominating the scoreboard. Fits well with the kids as well as the grown-up adults to show what you got with skating!

Things i like
  • Designed for the smooth ride
  • Lightweight and extremely stable to operate
  • Regenerative braking system
Things i dont like
  • Does not include regenerative braking system.

RazorX Cruiser

RazorX Cruiser
RazorX Cruiser

Just like the name, think like a razor this RazorX Cruiser electric skateboard is the one best compact electric skateboard that is priced well under the affordable range to buy it off the minute you stare at it. Coupled with the smaller but the powerful 125W hub motor powered up by the lithium-ion battery to take you on the road by gaining the speed of more than 10 mph and the full-charge cycle lasts for the complete 40 minutes when put on the continuous usage.

Enough wider deck which lengths to around 29.7 inches or well over 754 mm give enough clearance to stand over its 5-ply maple deck ensured for the high-quality durability to delivers the responsive rides and the cruising to make the hard cuts and drifts without any issue and that is made possible to withstand the good weight of the skaters as well.

Comes loaded with the high-end gripping urethane wheels with the custom reverse kingpin trucks, which come with the increased stability, enhanced, and perforated grip tape along with the geared and rear-wheel driven mechanism for smooth cruising. Includes the wireless remote controller along with the wrist strap that enables you to conveniently control the speed with making the perfect curves and turns as per your choice.

Good to recommend for the kids aging at least 9 years and older with the weight recommendation of over 220 pounds to sail through the street and the blocks experiencing the smooth rides every time.

Things i like
  • Designed for the smooth ride
  • Responsive wireless remote controller
  • Recommended for the kids aged 9 and beyond
Things i dont like
  • Does not go uphill

Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser

Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser

 The fun must not be beholden to the graphics and the fancy objects attached to turn visible over the electric skateboard to get the feel of the completeness. With the electric skateboard, we bring you Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser, which is indeed one compact electrical skateboard you can avail yourself but includes the set of complete features to determine and make a firm belief it does not lag in the competition.

Loaded with the brushless electric motor rated for the power of more than 350W, the maximum speed it gains within a second is over 12.5 mph to sail you through the block no matter what weight range you fall under. Wrapped with the design that comes with the water-resistant guarantee to run smoothly with the full speed despite the wet conditions as it would not fry up anything inclusive of the electrical wires and other similar components.

Weighs just about 9.5 lbs but the battery it got hooked up with, it would last to cover up the distance of mere 7 miles after the complete charge cycle, so make sure you are not far away from your home as the battery would die down after a couple of minutes of cruising. Supports up to 176 lbs as the maximum load with the incline of over 15 degrees give you the feel of pro skater skating for the competition.

Things i like
  • Water-resistant design
  • Super lightweight
Things i dont like
  • Covers less distance

RazorX Longboard

RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

The quality does not demand to own the expensive technology, but if you invest the little time and the brain, you are about to get the clear-cut product in your pocket that is relatively cheap and durable to the most. With the same, we got RazorX Longboard electric skateboard for you coupled with the complete features to win the trust.

Hooked up with the powerful 125W battery, which helps to turn on this RazorX Longboard through the kick-to-start mechanism, ensuring you do not need to hold it in your hands to switch on the button before starting it. Powered by a 22V lithium-ion battery, which comes with gaining the maximum speed of around 10 mph or 16 km/h in no time, and the battery is going to last for 30 minutes to enjoy riding through the blocks to blocks and streets to streets.

Longer than the many traditional e-skateboards, it comes with the deck sizing to 37.5” that is made with the durable and high-quality of 5-ply bamboo with the perforated grip tape delivering the smooth and sturdy ride without the chance of tripping on the ground.

Delivered as pre-assembled, this skateboard is road-ready to go along the ride the minute it arrives at your doorstep. Includes the digital and hand-held wireless remote wrapped in the wrist strap to deal with the speed settings to ensure it is easier to navigate through the remote controller and with your fingertips.

Things i like
  • Longer skateboard
  • Delivers as pre-assembled
Things i dont like
  • Does not flex



Bigger and better, BLITZART Tornado e-skateboard comes down with the impressive and larger battery in terms of capacity to last comparatively more protracted than the most e-skateboards found in the market. Being equipped with the powerful 36V and 4.0Ah lithium-ion-based battery pack, which takes no more than two and a half of the hours to get it fully recharged.

The best electric skateboard for adults is that the more extended design delivers the confidence to cruise through the blocks and streets with the maximum speed of over 17 mph, giving the feel like sailing on the motorbike with that much speed. Get yourself act smart and upgraded, this 38” long skateboard from BLITZART Tornado is hooked up with the powerful 350W hub motor providing almost no-noise operation.

It is made possible to control through the wireless remote designed by keeping the ergonomic standards in check where everything from the acceleration to braking is controlled with convenience. Made with the hard 7-ply maple wood that comes with the two layers of the bamboo placed on the bottom area giving the utmost reliability and the sturdiness to the overall construction of this impressive electric skateboard to love it more.

Delivered fully assembled on your doorstep, it weighs around 13 pounds that is easier to handle and operate without the single jargon and is ready to ride the minute it lands on your home.

Things i like
  • Highly powerful electric skateboard
  • Maped with the combo of maple and bamboo
  • Equips with the wireless remote
Things i dont like
  • No waterproof


Aceshin Skateboard

Formed for the ultimate sturdiness and the entrusting material to play with your good weight while delivering the outstanding performance to knock down the farther distance; this e-skateboard from Aceshin made with 7-plies of the rock hard maple deck that achieves the elasticity and the toughness that you demand to go through even the gravel roads without splicing as it got trimmed using the CNC and grinding done on the design along with the kick tail and the concave added for the better control to enjoy riding with the best traction.

Comes included with over two independent seed modes so that it can be utilized with trust even by the beginner and the advanced skaters along with the reversal capability coupled with the powerful 250W brushless hub motor powered through 24V and 2,200mAh lithium-ion battery pack to pick the maximum speed of over 20 km/h with the distance of 10 kilometers it could easily cover for you.

Provided with the wireless remote designed by keeping the ergonomic standards embedded into the design helps you to control everything right from your finger ring to feel like riding and having control over the skateboard naturally. Not only the speed but the braking and the cruise control is all in your reach.

The remote is also backed by the frequency range of over 14 meters, where you can call it off from the distance to land right in your feet to step up and start gliding through the streets. Recommended balancing the person’s weight of over 140 lbs or 63KGs where it could easily manage the grown-up adult without the chance of breaking.

Things i like
  • Comes with being wrapped under 7-ply of maple wood
  • Hooked up with 250W of the brushless motor
  • Wireless remote
Things i dont like
  • Hits for the shorter distance



In ninth place, we serve this ABZO C9 e-skateboard that is wholly designed with keeping the next generation requirements in the tab. Coupled with the elite-class features, the first thing that you would notice off the design would be the compact size that ensures the lightweight construction to enjoy riding this sleek electric skateboard.

This mini portable electric skateboard can fit into the backpack so that you are not limited to ride it around your home block. It can also be taken along on the picnic and elsewhere to explore other cities and scenic views.   It comes with the rechargeable wireless remote control that takes you to put forward, hit the brakes, switch through the speed with the battery indicator to get a tab over how much power is left.

Hooked-in with the compelling hub motor rated to deliver the power of over 400W can take you to hit the maximum speed of around 10 mph backed by the mighty 2,200mAh battery, which takes approximately 1.5 hours to get it ultimately charged. Crafted with the 7-ply of maple deck, providing the immense strength that can easily hold the maximum weight of 243 lbs without breaking and integrated with the shock-absorbing PU wheels would deliver the best speed despite the terrain condition. Loaded with the emery non-slip and the waterproof surface that keeps you safe during the ride.

Things i like
  • UL2272 certified
  • Powerful 400W battery
  • Best electric skateboard for kids and adults
  • Fast charging system
Things i dont like
  • Not designer for the taller folks

Alouete Phoenix Ryders

Alouete Phoenix Ryders

And here we come with our last entry into the list, this Alouete Phoenix Ryders e-skateboard turns into the ultimate skaters’ choice due to its ergonomic shape that does not deceive the potential skaters off of the money, and it meets with every standard the e-skateboards general possess.

Not three or five, but it comes wrapped into the layers of over seven plies of the maple used to construct the deck, which brings the increased sturdiness and the flexibility to experience the super-smooth ride no matter how rough and patchy the terrain is. The wireless remote control with the visible display screen that you can see through even in the direct sunlight; get to experience the current speed, power it is consuming, and the remaining mileage along with the cruise control functionality to go farther without pressing the speed button.

Loaded with the smaller but powerful dual hub motor of 250W that sizes to around 83mm with the regenerative braking that could take you to 14.5 miles powered by 4,400mAh 25.2V lithium battery to enjoy cruising this e-skateboard to explore almost the whole city. Entitled for six months of maintenance, repair, and replacement warranty so that you are assured of getting your skateboard fixed or replaced in case anything unfortunate happens during the said time limit.

Things i like
  • Made with 7-layers of maple wood
  • Small but sturdy 250W hub motor
  • Ergonomic remote controller
Things i dont like
  • Wheels do NOT change or swap

Are cheap skateboards bad?

I know you might think that an electric skateboard at a low price will not be a good idea as it can be an inferior product, which causes trouble soon after use. Well, it is not the case each time. One of the reasons is, many brands entered in this electric skateboard space, so it made this e-skate industry quite competitive. This competition brought a positive impact on the user as price came down drastically without compromising quality. Of course, you cant compete with big brands premium skateboards because they have premium parts and high-end quality, but it doesn’t mean that low-cost electric skateboards have compromised quality. These cheap electric skateboards still have great built quality. In the past many features like mobile apps, wheels replacements, LED light, changeable batteries came only with high-cost products, but now you can find them in low-cost s-boards as well. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about the quality of the above-recommended electric skateboards.

Conclusion of the best cheap electric skateboard

Finally, we call it off with our list of unique best cheap electric skateboard, which we screened out and collected from the online markets to fulfill your fun intuitions. Coupled with the powerful motors and the batteries they are all equipped with; still being labeled as the cheap in the line vary in prices and the features they come included with. So, let’s dominate the gang gathers every evening and give them the tough time catching up to you with their electric skateboards when you become the proud owner of the ones listed right here.  If you need the fastest electric skateboard then read this buying guide : Fastest Electric Skateboards 2022