Best Cruiser Skateboards Under $100 in 2021

If you are a big skateboard enthusiast like me, then it’s likely that one of your goals is to find the perfect board for skating. I have been having trouble finding smooth and best cruiser skateboards under $100 with great bearings until now!

I am so stoked about my new cruiser board because not only does it look sick but also has super high quality parts on its inside. It was definitely worth every penny—especially since other cheap brands were terrible in comparison. So if you’re looking for something reliable yet affordable go get this baby today!

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Can cruisers skateboards good choice for beginners?

A cruiser skateboard is a type of all-around great beginner board for any skill level. If you’re just starting out, they have the perfect shape and size to teach new skills while still being an amazing ride even through advanced tricks! They are also super versatile so it’s easy to find one that suits your style no matter if you prefer street skating or vert ramps..

A cruiser skateboard has been used by anyone from beginners who want to start learning how to skate, experts with decades worth of experience on their boards.

Cruisers are simply excellent at teaching everyone anything about life on wheels. These decks will be forgiving in nature but don’t let its cruising abilities fool you: these bad boys can get some air time as well when pushed

As earlier mentioned, cruiser boards require little effort or skill to ride around on; you can just glide from place-to-place with minimal control of the board’s movements.

Unlike other types of decks that may be a bit more challenging (for instance, a longboard), cruisers provide stability while gliding across rough roads – which is perfect for someone who might not yet have mastered riding up ramps without falling off their bike!

Cruiser skateboards are easy to carry around and perfect for high schoolers who need a way back and forth between campus.

They’re less expensive than public transport, offer an excellent workout opportunity, light weight so they’re easier on the arms when lugging them in your bag each day AND unlike long boards you don’t have to try balancing yourself while waiting at bus stops!

Top Picks if you are in hurry

  • LOSENKA Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Kryptonics super fat skateboard
  • FlyBee 27-inch Cruiser Skateboard

Cruiser Skateboards in Depth Details

Cruiser skateboards are the hip and happening way to cruise. They’re not just for cruising on roads anymore! Cruiser boards come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and even surfaces which make them easy to customize with your favorite stickers or paint job.

The height of these boards is taller than regular type because they provide more balance so you can enjoy that smooth acceleration faster without losing any control over it at all times while out skating on a longboard-like surface like asphalt and cemented streets too!

Before the list of our top ten best cruiser skateboards for under $100, we want to provide you with a few important points about cruiser boards. Cruisers are mainly good for commuting but not doing tricks on ramps and in parks – they’re better than public transport because you can get some exercise!

Cruisers are the best type of skateboards for many different reasons, but they’re so diverse that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

There are cruisers and mini-cruisers on the market; these two types differ in size as well as weight capacity, though both have their advantages over each other depending on what your needs may be.

Cruising around campus with a lighter board like a mini cruiser will make commuting easier because it’s easy to take from place A to B without worrying about damaging or carrying something heavy – perfect if you don’t plan on taking any long treks!

Cruiser skateboards are more flexible and give the skater a certain degree of confidence when riding on rough grounds. They have softer wheels that can take some tough terrain, but do not underestimate their deck shape or size!

The reason why we would never recommend replacing standard skateboard with cruiser boards is because they’re made for different purposes: while cruiser board’s wheel make them great to use in rougher terrains where traditional ones may be too rigid.

Its decks allow you to customize it according to your own style while still maintaining stability – so if you want one without any frills then just get a plain black one!

Choosing the right type of cruiser skateboard can be tricky. There are many considerations that you need to keep in mind before choosing a board, from your route and desired distance covered to how much weight it needs to support.

Talk with an expert about what is best for your situation by asking yourself these questions: “I want this cruiser skateboard because my commute will take me that many minutes?”

How difficult is the terrain between where I am now and where I’m going? Will there be hills or other obstacles along the way? What if anything does this pose as a problem for either myself or anyone who might help get me out of trouble when needed on uneven ground (such as during extreme weather)?

Collection of Best Cruiser Skateboards Under $100 in 2021

Lets get into them one by one so you can start cruising in no time.

LOSENKA Mini Cruiser Skateboard

LOSENKA Mini Cruiser Skateboard is the best choice for your children, especially for beginners. It’s not only a toy but also a sport instrument which can help them to develop their physical ability and coordination ability.

This is one of the best mini cruiser skateboards  is made of seven-layer Canada maple wood deck with deep concave design that makes it better flexibility and toughness.

The skateboard includes 80A High Density Non-slip Skateboard Grip Tape. Also, there are some other accessories such as T tool, Griptapes Eraser and Sticker.

The Losenka is a board that features an elegant design, high-quality construction and long lasting materials. The maple deck provides the durability you need to stand up against tough environments while also providing support for your feet with its non-slip grip tape surface.

In addition to this sturdy make, it has wheels strong enough so as not to give out under pressure and withstand wear from various terrains without chipping or breaking down too quickly like others have done in the past. You’ll be proud of owning one!

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It’s is a Top cruiser board perfect for beginner riders. With its Abec-9 bearings, the rider will experience smooth and quiet rides while also being easier to control thanks to its stable friction on flat surfaces.

The maple wood deck ensures that vibrations are absorbed during your ride making it smoother all around! For safety purposes, non-slip grip tape has been added which makes you more confident in controlling this sleek design from start to finish of your trip.

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Cruiser board

The Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard is designed for commuting, carving and downhill riding. The drop-through trucks provide stability at higher speeds and the extra grippy 80AB fully covered deck gives you more control on hills or when you need to pivot quickly.

This cruiser board is perfect for people who want to glide smoothly over all surfaces and enjoy a quiet ride. The 180mm kingpin trucks combined with high precision ABEC bearings will give you the assurance that your rides are smooth, not bumpy or shaky.

Maple wood makes this an extremely tough material yet light enough so it won’t tire out your arm muscles too quickly as you’re riding around town on this sweet piece of machinery!

The Rift’s 70x51mm 78 PU wheels offer a smooth ride with a durable design that will last for years of fun. This longboard has everything you need to bomb hills and carve up your local streets.

First Hand Experience : 

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through is best cruiser skateboard for beginners  is built with features that ensure you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The kingpin trucks and high precision bearings mean your rides will be free of bumps, while the maple deck ensures this board has enough support to handle any weight.


FlyBee 27-inch Cruiser Skateboard

To make your cruiser skateboarding experience as enjoyable and satisfying as it should be, the FlyBee Cruiser Skateboard is equipped with 27*8-inch maple deck which provides stability to a beginner. Its 8″ width makes it easy for you to balance on while cruising down the street at top speed.

The 60mm 78A wheels are soft enough that they won’t rub against one another when making sharp turns but still fast enough so you can get where you need quickly without wasting any time!

The FlyBee cruiser skateboards are pressed with epoxin resin, which makes them lighter and very durable. They come in a variety of beautiful colors that will make it hard to choose because they’re all so pretty!

First Hand Experience

The FlyBee cruiser board is the perfect mix of speed and durability. Its aluminum alloy trucks ensure it will last a lifetime, while its ABEC-7 bearings spin faster than any other skateboard wheels on the market today so you can glide at top speeds without breaking your back! When looking for an upgrade from traditional boards to something more advanced (and with better resale value), look no further than this bad boy.

The Kryptonics Super Cruiser Skateboard

The Complete 30.5-inch The Kryptonics super is one of the best cruiser boards under $100, and it will not disappoint you! This board has a long lasting 8-ply maple wood deck that’s thick for easy breaking when in motion. It also comes with an excellent single kicktail design to allow riders ultimate control over their balance on the board while providing ample space for footing as well.

Skateboard riders are typically looking for a way to break out of the monotony and get onto their local streets. But, if you’re not feeling too adventurous, then these cruisers might be just what you need!

With its 65*51mm wheels made from soft polyurethane that will deliver smooth rides with every push; it’s an ideal board to use on your cruiser while also being light enough so as not to affect your speed or weight-bearing abilities.

A useful feature is this board’s trucks which have 6.1 inch heavy duty aluminum along with 88a urethane bushings that delivers smoother rides than most regular skateboards can offer – making it easy even for novice skaters who don’t want any added feature.

The grip in the board provides a secure hold for riders. The graphics are also cool with their bright colors and geometric shapes that give both visual appeal but also pride to those who use it!

First Hand Experience:

Krptonics is known as best cruiser brands. If you’re just getting into the game, then this is a skateboard for you. The deck’s width provides support and balance to its rider which makes it perfect for beginners like yourself!

It also has amazing features that will make your experience even better with more tricks than ever before; not only is there durability in the cruiser design but versatility as well-the two best boards sold under $100 are both worth buying!

Why should you choose a Cruiser Skateboard?

Cruiser skateboards are one the best type of board you can get for your daily commute. They have a lower center-of-gravity, which makes them much easier to maneuver around obstacles like cars and people that might be in their path. Plus they’re also great because you won’t need as much energy since it’s easy rolling on these boards!

Cruiser skateboarders will love being able to go from point A – B with minimal effort or bumping into anything along the way; so no one should ever complain about having an extra person riding shotgun (or at least trying).

Riding a cruiser skateboard on slopes and hills can be quite tough, because while cruising you are constantly speeding up. This means that when going down an incline or hill with your board at full speed, it’s not uncommon for the rider to lose control of their skater due to the high acceleration speeds.

You should also keep in mind that these boards don’t have any type of brakes which means they will become increasingly more difficult for you to stop as well!

Cruiser skateboard is one way many people get around town; this style has been popularized by individuals such as Danny Way who helped make the longboarding trend explode all over America during his career.

Tips To Choose Best Cruiser Skateboard Under $100 

Let’s face it- who doesn’t want the perfect cruiser skateboard? Nobody wants to be in a situation where they purchase one and have an awful experience. It can really put you off of skating for good, especially if you are new or just starting out on your journey as a skater!

Lucky you.. We have compiled some important points to keep in mind while making this difficult decision so your first cruiser skateboard would be under $100.

What is the best deck type and size for cruising?

For the best skating experience, you need to get a cruiser skateboard that is just right for your height and shoe size. Wider boards are more stable because they can hold weight better than thinner ones; however, people with large feet may want to opt out of this option if their shoes don’t fit well on wider decks.

This applies not only for increasing stability but also reducing stress in one’s joints when riding as those who have larger extremities will exert too much pressure while trying it stay balanced on board which could lead them to injure themselves without realizing what caused it!

So find an appropriate deck width based off your needs before purchasing so there won’t be any unwanted accidents or injuries from using smaller sized decks.

For Teenagers you would prefer to get a deck that is 7.5-inch or more are good for teenagers and adults who have a shoe size of nine or higher, with an appropriate height range to match them.

For those between 4’3 tall – 5’3 in height with the corresponding foot sizes, decks around 7 inches would be best as they may find it hard to stand on boards taller than this without tippy toes.

If you’re looking for something small enough just for kids then there’s also mini cruiser designs which come at various heights so take your pick depending out what suits you/them most!

What is the best shape and Size of the Board which is Suitable for Cruising?

Skateboards usually come in either a cruiser or freestyle design. The best and most preferable skateboard is one that has been curved with the front pointed and raised tail for easy cutting through air while skating. Cruisers are typically short and wide to stay stable. They don’t do well on boards that exceed 75mm

What Are the Recommended Wheels for Cruising ?

The type of wheels on your board will depend on what style of riding you prefer and the quality that you need. You may want to consider taking a look at our list below before making any purchases.

Lets Talk About Bearings

If you’re looking into buying some new bearings for your board but aren’t sure what kind would work best in different situations then have a look on ABEC ratings. It is set by  American Bearing Manufacturers Association, here’s an overview on how each type rates:

ABEC 1- Its the first grade of bearing which is most cheapest and less precise.

ABEC 3- Suitable for most type of skateboarding but not much smooth.

ABEC 5- Mostly recommended type and ideal for cruising.

ABEC 7- Now we are touching the premium quality that are more smooth and reliable.

ABEC 9- ABEC 9 and all those high-end bearing brands we know such as ABEC 11 don’t work well in skateboard decks because they’re usually too heavy to carry around on foot while still being stable enough for riding quickly down hillsides (or even up them). It can get pricey trying out new equipment though since the best quality products tend to cost more money than lower quality ones that come off cheaper by the dozen from China.

Now you know ABEC rating and its quite useful when you go out buying. ABEC 5 to 7 is good enough for cruiser skateboards. Just a quick note , you must clean your bearings regularly in this regard check our guide on How to clean skateboard bearings with household items?

What about suitable Trucks for turning?

High length trucks are recommended for cruising as they allow the rider to pivot smoothly and turn quickly. High trucks can be used on a variety of different board designs, including cruisers with larger wheels that give riders more room to maneuver in order to ride well regardless of terrain or obstacles ahead.

Flexibility of Skateboard

The more curves your cruiser board has, the less likely it is to break and put you on a long recovery period. Keep in mind that with all this speed you’re achieving, even minor bumps or cracks can cause major injuries like broken bones so try to find one of these curved boards as they are more flexible than flat ones.

The flexibility of our cruisers also allows for an enjoyable ride no matter what type terrain we choose from whether its rough roads during rainstorms or smooth hillsides during sunny days!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a cruiser board last?

That really depends on how to use it. If you’re just cruising and not doing tricks, then your skateboard will last for a couple of years. All you have to do is avoid getting water on it or the bearings won’t work! When finished riding, take it inside away from rainwater before putting up with any other part of the bike in storage.

Can you do tricks with cruiser skateboards?

Cruiser skateboards are designed for everyday use. They’re not meant to do tricks, but rather just get you from point A to B with a little bit of style and flair!

Can I Ollie on a Cruiser?

Cruiser skateboard wheels are heavy and sticky, so they react very slowly when trying to pop an Ollie. I wouldn’t recommend you try popping with cruisers because the wheel will take a while to go up once it hits the ground again.

Are mini Cruisers good for beginners?

Infect mini cruisers are best fit for beginners as it gives them good balance. Another advantage is that its highly portable so you can carry them around even in backpacks.

Final Words

We have covered all features and important things to know of cruiser skateboards. Now you are just ready to pick your first cruiser board under $100.
Kryptonics super fat skateboard and the FlyBee 27-ich skateboard are recommended after thorough testing and user reviews. Happy cruising.