Best Longboards For Beginners

The Top 10 Best Longboards For Beginners To Ride & Learn Skills

Longboarding better known as skateboarding is a famous hobby of people around the world. Generally, the beginners have little information about the specifications of the longboard they are buying.

Therefore, To help you in making the purchasing decision, I shall review the 10 best longboards for beginners to ride on.

A particular first-class longboard has good quality tires that assist in control maneuvering and stability at higher speeds. The material used in the deck of the board is durable so that the rider is not caught off balance.

It also has a contemporary stylistic feel to it that we shall discuss in individual reviews. Below is a list of the top 10 great Longboarding options available in the market today.

List of Top 10 Best Longboards For Beginners

Longboard NameImagePrice
X-Free-Skateboard Check Price
VOLADOR40’’-Maple-Longboard Check Price
Playshion-Drop-Through Check Price
Quest-QT-NSC44C Check Price
Retrospec-Zed-Bamboo Check Price
High-Bounce-Complete Check Price
ANDRIMAX-Skateboard Check Price
Sangde-Longboard Check Price
Elos-Skateboard Check Price
Kryptonics-Stubby Check Price

Top 3 recommendations:

  1. High Bounce Complete as it is the cheapest longboard on the list.
  2. ANDRIMAX Skateboard as it is the best value for money longboard for beginners with great features.
  3. Retrospec Zed Bamboo as it is the best longboard for beginners. 

X Free Skateboard

xfree skateboard

First up on our list is a brilliant skateboard that has a great wallpapered design printed on it. The X Free skateboard has a great fitting and brilliant stability due to the perfect alignment of its parts.

We shall review its top features in the review below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

The aesthetically designed longboard comes with a professionally printed pattern on the deck. The pattern matches the overall dashing look of the long and gives it a great appearance.

Moreover, there are advanced ABEC- 9 bearings installed in the wheels. The bearings allow fluid movement of the wheels on bumps and uneven roads and hence make your experience fun and comfortable. There are strongly gripped 54*36mm wheels installed by the manufacturer.

The wheels are of great quality and provide stability and top speeds. Furthermore, the surface of the longboard has anti-slip functionality that is perfect for preventing accidents in case of humid weather conditions. The higher friction allows your feet to comfortably sit on the pedal and move the X Free skateboard inconsistent momentum.

In addition to this, the X Free skateboard is 31*8 inches in measurement. Its size is enough for a beginner of all ages to ride comfortably. You can take advantage of this smart longboard and learn skills and tricks.

Things i like
  • Cheap price
  • Aesthetic design
  • Advanced ABEC- 9 bearings
  • Perfect size for all ages of people
  • Strongly gripped 54*36mm wheels
  • 5’’ aluminum alloy trunks7
Things i dont like
  • Parts quality
  • Poor customer service

Final Views:

The pattern on the design and the bearings installed by the manufacturer are of top quality. The longboard is backed by more than a hundred positive reviews and is one of the best cheap longboards available for beginners.

VOLADOR40’’ Maple Longboard

VOLADOR40’’ Maple Longboard

Available in two different engraved patterns the new VOLADOR longboard has some of the best materials used in its assemblage.

The VOLADOR40’’ Maple Longboard scores greatly on the durability aspect because its deck is made up of 100% maple deck. We shall further explore the longboard in the review below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

The geometric graphics engraved on the deck have a very distinctive pattern that will surely raise the eyebrows of the viewers. The VOLADOR40’’ Maple Longboard will be a crowd favorite when it will come to designs.

Firstly, the longboard can perform different skills that you see professional riders performing. This is due to the premium quality aluminum 7’’ reverse kingpin trucks. These kingpin trucks are adjustable at 50 or 45 degrees and shall provide a beginner with great stability and faster learning of the skills.

Furthermore, there are ABEC-7 precision bearings installed in the wheels that allow non –stop rolling of the wheels are give an optimal level of balance to the wheels on all surfaces for maximized performance output. In addition to this the highly solid 70mm, 80A PU wheels stick to the ground stiffly and provide an ultra-smooth riding experience.

Things i like
  • Trendy geometric graphics pattern
  • 100% maple deck
  • Aluminum 7’’ reverse kingpin trucks
  • Solid 70mm 80A PU wheels
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings
Things i dont like
  • Common wheel issues

Final Views:

It is a brilliant option due to its durable deck and brilliant mechanics. The machine is powerful and has smoother maneuvering. It is a perfect option for a beginner, to learn skills that are necessary for adventures.

Playshion Drop Through

Playshion Drop Through

The next longboard that we are going to review has the most advanced drop-through shaped deck. Such a deck shape provides a beginner with better stability, control, and overall maneuverability. In short, this Playshion

Drop Through longboard is the best longboard for beginners in 2020. We shall explain its features below to justify this statement.

Important Features That You Need To Know:

Available in a variety of 6 elite color schemes that have a modern graphics pattern. This drop through longboard has stylistically outclassed many other competitors. The designer has maintained simplicity and has not tried to complicate things and it has paid off.

Moving on, there are solid 7’’ aluminum trucks installed in the longboard that come with soft brushings. These longboard trucks are an excellent match for drop-through design. The trucks provide excellent stability on all terrains and the longboard achieves high-quality performance scores.

In addition to this, the drop through mounting technology is the perfect style for beginners to learn intensive skills and fun tricks. Its brilliant mechanics and design enable people of all ages to learn the basic longboard stuff and show off their skills.

The strong 70x50mm P U wheels in combination with the ABEC-9 bearings enable a strong grip to the road, better maneuvering, and safety from falling.

The Playshion Drop Through longboard has a weight capacity of around 250 lbs that shows that multiple people can use it and it can be gifted to a friend.

Things i like
  • Drop through design
  • Strong 70x50mm P U wheels
  • 6 elite color schemes
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 7’’ aluminum trucks
Things i dont like
  • Little bit expensive
  • Might face Bearing issues

Final Views

In my opinion, this is the best beginner longboard to ride on and learn skills. It has a great drop-through design that is safety ensured and stable. All of its quirks mentioned above make it the best beginner longboard of 2020.

Quest QT-NSC44C

Quest QT-NSC44C

Next up on our list is a brilliantly designed longboard with exciting features. The 44’’ longboard has perfect size measurements for people of all ages. The detailing of the imprinted design on the deck is subtle and looks amazing.

The hardwood maple composition of the deck makes it practically durable and long-lasting. Let us discuss the quirks of the Quest QT-NSC44C longboard below.

Important Stuff You Need To Know:

For the ultimate level of performance, the manufacturer has installed ABEC 7 speed bearings. The bearings make the wheels roll more efficiently and hence aid in better momentum and speed. There are 7-inch good quality aluminum trucks installed in the Quest QT-NSC44C longboard, the trucks serve the purpose of bringing advanced stability and balance to the longboard.

Due to the trucks being good quality and providing balance, this prevents accidents at higher speeds and allows optimal performance at all terrains. Moreover, the Quest QT-NSC44C longboard has a price-friendly rate and it can be a perfect companion for beginners to ride on and have maximum fun out of it.

Things i like
  • Splendid graphics imprinted
  • Cheap price
  • 7-inch good quality aluminum trucks
  • ABEC 7 speed bearings
  • Maple and bamboo composed deck
Things i dont like
  • Might be too long in size
  • Average deck quality

Final Views:

This longboard has a price-friendly rate and it has good overall features. It is a great option for a newbie to learn the stuff they want to expertise on. It’s cheaper price and some of the other mentioned aspects make it the best affordable hoverboard for beginners.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo

Retrospec Zed Bamboo

The people at Retrospec have manufactured an elegantly looking longboard that can be used to obtain maximized fun and adventure.

From roaming around the neighborhood to going into the hill tracks, the longboard will maintain its performance output and never let you down.Let us discuss the major features of the longboard in the review below.

Important Quirks That You Need To Know:

In terms of the core areas of the longboard, the manufacturer has chosen high-grade materials making the product durable and long-lasting. The Bamboo and maple hybrid deck of this 41’’ longboard further adds credibility to the durability of the Retrospec Zed Bamboo longboard.

Due to the brilliant quality of deck, it is bound to last over several summers. Moreover, designed by a professional, the pattern chosen represents the vintage California look. The imprinted design further adds to the bright look of the Retrospec Zed Bamboo longboard.

The robust and smoothly gliding reverse kingpin trucks provide a comfortable and cozy riding experience over terrains and do not let the rider feel any sort of discomfort. Therefore, for a newbie, the trucks will be of great help, as they will provide maximum support and comfort.

The strong and long-lasting 70×51 85a PU wheels on this blue-colored Retrospec Zed Bamboo longboard provide great gripping to the surface. They glide in a controlled and precision way allowing better maneuverability of the longboard.

Things i like
  • Top-rated reviews
  • Vintage California look imprinted
  • Hybrid bamboo and maple deck
  • Gliding reverse kingpin trucks/li>
  • Long-lasting 70×51 85a PU wheels
Things i dont like
  • Small issues in parts might be
  • Might not be sturdy enough

Final Views:

With over 2000 five star customer reviews, it is assumed that this is one of the most liked longboards on this list.

The specifications and the equipment used in the longboard is of premium quality and comfort level is also great. Overall, these characteristics make it the best longboard for beginners.

High Bounce Complete

High Bounce Complete

Next, upon our list a longboard that has an extremely cheap price. In around 30 USD you will have a product that can still perform amazing stunts and has good performance.

The customer response is also great and that product has received around 400 5 star reviews. Let us review the longboard is in detail below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

First up the hoverboard has an exciting sporty graphic printed on the deck. The Yellow Camo color chosen by the designer complements the graphics well and they enhance the overall dashing look of the High Bounce longboard.

The longboard 22’’ is perfect for beginners to hop on and ride around the town. Moreover, the skateboard comes fully assembled all you need to do is get on and have the smoothest riding experience you can get. There are a storage and travel bag included.

This becomes a lifesaver when you are traveling. You can easily store your High Bounce longboard into this bag and take it on holiday for riding. Moving on, the hoverboard supports around 187 lbs of weight capacity.

The extensive weight capacity enables multiple people to ride it on their times. Siblings and friends for fun can share it. The longboard has great smooth PU wheels that provide enhanced gripping for controlled and smoother momentum.

This makes the journey comfortable and cozy. There are ABEC 7 bearings installed that allows steady rolling of the wheels on all sort of terrains.

Things i like
  • Extremely cheap
  • Great smooth PU wheels
  • Storage bag
  • Aluminum axles/li>
  • Weight capacity of 187 lbs
Things i dont like
  • 22’’ dimensions might be small for some
  • Average parts quality

Final Views:

Although this is the cheapest product on the list, it still has a great customer response rate. The customers have shown their satisfaction that supports the quality of the High Bounce longboard. It is a great option for beginners to learn on as it has the minimum requirement of a longboard.

ANDRIMAX Skateboard

ANDRIMAX Skateboard

No 7 on our list a longboard with tons of exciting features and options. We will explain all the aspects of the skateboard below so that you can have no doubts about any of its features.

From brilliant designing, all the way to optimal performance rate the ANDRIMAX longboard performs exceptionally well in the important aspects. Let us review it further below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

Build with a premium quality Canadian maple deck, the longboard has great durability and long-lasting structure. The ANDRIMAX longboard can withstand a weight of 220 lbs and It can be ridden by people of all ages.

It is a perfect fun companion for everyone that wants to skateboard. The art graphics imprinted on the ANDRIMAX longboard give it a magnificent look.

The light colors chosen by the designer on the print further enhance the beauty of the longboard and it will surely be an eye-catcher in the crowd. The good quality aluminum alloy trucks are thick in size and they provide maximized balance and advanced stability.

Even when the longboard might get a little out of control, the truck fitting is such that it will help the rider bring the longboard back in control.

Thus, it is of great benefit for the beginner to learn new skills. ANDRIMAX uses 95A 53mm strong and stiff rebound PU wheels that give peak performance on all types of road. The advanced new ABEC-11 bearings provide highly balanced and smooth rolling of the wheels that are essential at top speeds.

Things i like
  • Easy to fit design
  • Aluminum alloy trucks
  • Stiff rebound PU wheels
  • Pre-assembled
  • New ABEC-11 bearings
Things i dont like
  • Cheap packaging

Final Views:

The advanced mechanics of the longboard and the high-quality parts used by the manufacturer make it the best value for money skateboard for beginners. 

Sangde Longboard

Sangde Longboard

Sangde has manufactured a longboard that has a 7 layer maple wood deck. Such a strong deck makes the product as durable as it can be.

Durability Is one of the most important aspects from a customer’s point of view and this Sangde longboard excels in this category. Let us review it below further for convenience.

Important Features That You Need To Know:

Firstly, let us talk about the non-slip surface of the longboard. The waterproof emery non-slip tape provides safety in case there is water on the deck. This prevents the rider from unintentionally falling off and ultimately injuries.

This is ideal for a beginner who is in the learning phase of riding the Sangde longboard. Furthermore, the 31” longboard has a design manufactured in such dimensions that it provides enhanced stability and more balanced than some of the competitors in this way you can have a comfortable ride.

The weight capacity on the longboard is around 220lbs. Last but not least the manufacturer has equipped the Sangde longboard with 95A PU wheels that cut off damping when you are riding.

Each wheel has 2 ABEC-7 bearings for a smoother transition and rolling of the wheels.

Things i like
  • Design that fits all
  • 7-layer maple wood deck
  • Waterproof non-slip surface
  • Premium 95A PU wheels
  • Each wheel has 2 ABEC-7 bearings
Things i dont like
  • Wheels quality is normal

Final Views:

The longboard has great basic features and multiple bearings in both tires for enhanced comfort and great maneuvering. This is a great deal for beginners to learn riding from. 

Elos Skateboard

Elos Skateboard

The skateboard has one of the most unorthodox designs in the industry. Although it looks quite odd, the wider design makes learning easier and the ride more stable. Let us explore the Elos Skateboard further below.

Important Stuff You Need To Know:

The Elos Skateboard has a lightweight wide design along with big wheels that give one of the smoothest riding experiences ever.

The longboard is perfect to ride in the neighborhood or your nearby parks. Riding often will give the beginner confidence to try new things.

There are built-in reflective trucks that enable night riding for the user. It has a small and compact design that can easily be stored in the back of your car and even in your backpack.

The 72mm wheels and adjustable trucks are the factors that contribute to overall enhanced comfort, stability, and perfect maneuvering.

Things i like
  • Unorthodox design
  • 72mm wheels
  • Adjustable trucks
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight
Things i dont like
  • Trucks quality
  • The design might not be a fan favorite

Final Views:

This is a good skateboard for the beginner as its wide deck allows more comfortable foot placement and helps greatly in learning. The wheels are 72mm, they are big and roll efficiently.

Kryptonics Stubby

Kryptonics stubby

Last but not least is another cheaper longboard that has good quality options in it. In around 40 US, the longboard has good quality durable plywood maple deck. It also has smoother wheels. Let us review it further below.

Important Quirks That You Need To Know:

The longboard has two completely different graphic designs to choose from. One is a little classic while the other is flashy. This gives you a choice and you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

The 60mmx45mm poured polyurethane wheels have carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings. This combination allows smoother control over the skateboard at higher speeds.

The durable heavy aluminum trucks with soft polyurethane bushings provide support to the overall balance of the rider and make your ride more comfortable and fun.

Things i like
  • Cheap price
  • Good graphics printed
  • 60mmx45mm polyurethane wheels
  • Durable heavy aluminum trucks
  • Carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings
Things i dont like
  • Supports only 110lbs weight
  • Average parts quality

Final Views:

In my opinion, this is a good value for the money deal as the longboard has basic features and it has a price-friendly rate. 


For a beginner, it is important to know the details of the longboard that he is going to buy. The pros, the cons, and information about the product feature. In this way, he can choose a better product from the list by reading the individual reviews.

A great longboard has three E’s. Its price is economical and falls in the budget of the customer. It has great efficiency in its working and there are no breakpoints and less mess.

It has effective performance so that the beginner can learn sooner and better. I hope this article reaches you in good faith if you have any queries let me know. 

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