Top 10 Best Skateboard For 8 Year Old 2022 Updated

Finding best skateboard for 8 year old? We have compiled a thorough list of all the suggestions you can get from experts. 

Within the last couple of years, the skateboarding culture has grown phenomenally and now we see kids skateboarding on the streets yet again. Kids have taken hold of this sport as one of their favorite pass times and they seem to enjoy it pretty well. Skateboarding a great physical activity as well. 

But, as much as skateboarding is fun, it is also dangerous if kids aren’t given the right boards in hand. You need to ensure the board you’re buying for skating is durable, comes with a speed controlling mechanism and is stable enough for your kid to enjoy his ride.

So, keeping that in perspective, we have come up with a list of best skateboards in the market.

Top Choice :

No 1 on todays list of 8 years old skateboards is SkateXS Personalized Unicorn Girls Skateboard 


Due to its built and amazing design. Its lightweight so perfect for children of 8 years. Read Full Review on #2 Below. Another great feature is its customization where you can put any name or your desired words printed on it. Cool isn’t?

Runners Up:

This list runners up is Eggboards Mini Longboards


List of 10 best skateboards for 8 years old 2022

ProductSizeBest forWeight capacity
SKITCH Complete Skateboard Gift Set22”4-13 years of age188lbs
SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard20”5-8 years of age180lbs
RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard22”7-13 years of age198lbs
Hikole Skateboard31”5-14 years of age220lbs
Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard19”7-13 years of age290lbs
Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard22”7-15 years of age220lbs
PlayWheels Disney Princess 21'' Kids Complete Plastic Skateboard21”3-10 years of age100lbs
Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Beginners22”6-14 years of age180lbs
Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser39”Kids from the age of 7 and adults250lbs
WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete Skateboards31”Kids from the age of 5100lbs or more


SKITCH Complete Skateboard Gift Set

skitch skateboard

Are you thinking about buying your 8-year old with a skateboard so he can experience what it feels like to play outside the house? If so, then why not get him the complete skateboard gift set by SKITCH? The SKITCH Premium Skateboard is unique and quite tricky for the kids. We are absolutely sure your baby is going to fall in love with this board as soon as he holds it in his hands.


For those who need a user-friendly skateboard that kids can easily get used to, the SKITCH Premium Skateboard has everything you need in that very regard. This might not be your baby’s first skateboard but it will become his favorite one to use.

The SKITCH Premium Skateboard is a masterpiece for beginners and can be handled with just a little bit of care. The skateboard comes with a complete speed adjustable system that allows the kid to manage his speed while he is on the board. Though you will need to make him skate while he is under your supervision but even if he isn’t there will be less for you to worry about.

The skateboard also comes with a backpack that you can easily put the board in and your kid can take it anywhere he wants.

Bottom line:

The SKITCH Premium Skateboard is constructed masterfully and is highly durable. This is one of the best skateboard packages that you can find for your kids. It is convenient to use and is extremely lightweight so your baby can easily take it wherever he wants.


Things i like
  • Comes with a tote bag and tools to keep it safe
  • Lightweight construction
  • Speed adjustable system


Things i dont like
  • No drawbacks



SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard 

SkateXS Personalized Beginner Girls Skateboard

We bet every girl who loves skateboarding is literally going to fall in love with this SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard. We absolutely loved the graphics on this board and the fact that it is highly durable and comes with speed adjustable mechanism made it all the more worth buying.

This is an ideal skateboard for the kids of age 5 till 8. SkateXS is known for manufacturing some of the sturdiest skateboards in the market and this one is surely an exception.


The aspect that caught out eyes with regards to this skateboard is its dynamic design. It comes with a very evident unicorn designed graphic which made us guess that it is ideal for girls of young age. The colorful unicorn and high level of stability made this board fall under our list of best skateboard for 8 year olds.

The board comes in several colors for you to choose from according to your child’s choice. One of the reasons why we got this skateboard was because of its durable and unique construction. You can rest assured the skateboard is easy to use and your baby will not have any problem while skateboarding even if she is alone.

The board is made up of high quality materials and is rigorous enough to withstand any pressure that may come with heavy riders.

Bottom line:

The SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard is a solid and durable bamboo board that can withstand pressure and hurdles magnificently. It is among the most durable skateboards on the market for kids and definitely worth investing in.

Things i like
  • Beautiful design
  • Solid construction
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


Things i dont like
  • Designed for girls
  • You might have to change the wheels with bigger ones over time



RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard 


Rimble skateboard

Here comes an attractive cruiser board that is extremely attractive and highly durable for budding skaters. The RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard comes in a variety of colors and is definitely one of the first choices of kids who would like to explore the world of skating from a very early age.

For those kids who love making a fashion statement by the sports equipment they own, RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard will definitely qualify. We absolutely loved the number of colors and patterns this board comes in and almost every child will find something that he will love about this board.


The board has a maximum weight capacity of 198lbs which means it is suitable for a wide range of teens and kids. This incredible high-quality skateboard is designed to support small kids. It can conveniently provide their legs with maximum support and keeps them balanced while they skate their hearts out.

Skateboarding is hard and when you baby first starts out, he is bound to be all over the place. With the help of this skateboard, he will be steady and upright when in movement. The board comes with an easy steering that is convenient to use even for the beginners. The board features PU wheels that are solid and can withstand repetitive movement along the sidewalks and pavements.

Bottom line:

The RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard is a highly recommended skateboard for kids who are just starting out. This board helps develop their movement and enables them to learn how to steer clear of their way.


Things i like
  • Great choice for young kids
  • Highly durable
  • Designed to provide maximum balance


Things i dont like
  • The paint of the board comes off after some time



Hikole Skateboard

Hikole complete Skateboard


The Hikole Skateboard is an awesome board for those kids who want to play around and develop some serious skateboarding skills. It is also a solid skateboard for performing various stunts so if your kid loves doing things out of the ordinary, then you really need to go for this one.

The Hikole Skateboard has a length of 31inches while the thickness of the board is somewhere between 8-9inches which enables the board to withstand all the beginner stunts effectively.


The board is highly suitable for basic trick patterns, OL action and 360s. It features suitable and smooth PU wheels which are durable enough for performing tricks on the streets along with pools, ramps, skate parks and other smoother surfaces. These surfaces are designed exclusively so the kids can maintain their balance while skating.

The Hikole Skateboard comes with 5 cool graphic designs, all of which are dynamic and colorful so the kid can choose the one he likes the most. The board also features a powerful grip tape that is designed to keep the feet of the kid locked on the surface so he doesn’t slip.

Bottom line:

The Hikole Skateboard has been designed and manufactured while keeping premium quality in mind. It is a superb board for beginners who want to practice stunt while staying in a controlled and protective environment.


Things i like
  • Highly durable
  • Comes in 5 different graphics
  • The grip tape is powerful and keeps the feet locked


Things i dont like
  • The bearings are not very good



Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard


Eggboards Mini Longboard Bamboo Wood skateboard

The Eggboard Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard features a design that a lot of kid and their parents are going to fall in love with. For those people who look for cruiser boards, this one is an awesome choice.

The best part about this skateboard is its weight capacity. It can withstand around 290lbs of weight efficiently which means, all those parents who want to skateboard again without having to invest in a separate board, the Eggboard Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard has got you covered.


This is undoubtedly the smallest skateboard that you will find in the market. Because of the design and overall construction, the skateboard can literally fit anywhere and is highly portable. It can easily fit into a backpack so you will not have to worry about carrying it from one place to another.

The Eggboard Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard is essentially for those babies who find it hard to ride longer boards. The smaller size allows the kids to have full control over their speed and they can handle the maneuvering effectively. In order to enhance the stability and balance while skateboarding, the board comes with large wheels and reliable trucks to keep your child protected while allowing him to have the most fun.

Bottom line:

This is the only skateboard that we came across, one that can handle a lot of weight capacity. We loved its durable construction and it also comes with a safety measure that ensures wheels do not run too fast. It is an ideal choice for cruiser kids and beginners.


Things i like
  • Comes with a bamboo deck for longevity
  • Very reliable for safety
  • Smooth design
  • Ideal for beginners
Things i dont like
  • No setback that we could find


Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard


Playshion skateboard

Here comes another skateboard for our 8-year olds from Playshion. This skateboard comes in more than 15 colors and is a perfect choice for kids who love cruising. This is also recommended for babies who just starting out in the world are skateboarding and need something highly durable and sturdy.


The Playshion Complete 22inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard features a fiberglass compound deck that is highly durable and can withstand a maximum load of 22lbs. the board is also highly affordable and given its price point, some people do think that it isn’t durable and might not be able to withstand a lot of weight but that is not the case.

It comes with very stiff trucks that ensure the kids can make their stunts in a protective environment and don’t slip. The board also gives nearly zero flex that helps the kids in practicing cruising efficiently. For older kids, the trucks might be a bit uncomfortable but for younger kids, the trucks are really helpful and they enable confidence in them to play with the board with less fear.

Bottom line:

The Playshion Complete 22inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard features bigger and smoother wheels that feel extremely soft and provide utmost balance for smooth rolling. The board is easily handled and the additional bushings offer better control over the speed.


Things i like
  • Comes with a skate tool at a really affordable price
  • Stiff trucks create a steady ride
  • Features soft, bug wheels that offer better balance


Things i dont like
  • The ABEC 9-bearings might be a bit fast for beginners



PlayWheels Disney Princess 21'' Kids Complete Plastic Skateboard 

PlayWheels disney skateboard

If your baby girl loved watching Disney princesses, then you must get this skateboard for her. The PlayWheels Disney Princess Complete Plastic Skateboard is printed dynamically with Disney princesses and offers a great number of features that will prove their worth to you.

The best part about this plastic skateboard set is that along with the board, you get your kid a pair of gloves and kneecaps so that they remain under full-protection while skating on the streets or in your garage.


When it comes to skateboarding, kids love to try everything they watch on TV and that could become problematic if parents or guardians aren’t there to keep watch over them and if they’re not wearing safety gears. We are telling you this so you know how important it is to provide your kids with the safety gear while they’re playing with the board.

Lucky for you, PlayWheels has already taken care of that and this set comes with gloves and kneepads. The board is stylishly designed for baby girls and its pink color is going to attract their eyes as soon as they see a glimpse of it. The skateboard is made out of plastic and it comes with all the necessary elements that your baby needs to have a fun time.

Bottom line:

The PlayWheels Disney Princess Complete Plastic Skateboard comes completely assembled and all you have to do is take it out of the box and give it to your child. It comes with safety mechanism that gives superior control over the speed to your kids and it can withstand up to 100lbs.

Things i like
  • Features PVC wheels
  • Great choice for beginners
  • Offers a smooth riding experience


Things i dont like
  • Designed exclusively and only for females



Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels for Beginners 


merkapa 22 inches skateboard

Does your kid want to go for an innovative skateboard that will make him stand out among the crowd? If so, then Merkapa Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels is something he is truly going to adore.

The skateboard comes in a very cool design with LED lights on the wheels. If you’re thinking that you will have to stock up on batteries for the lights to work, rest assured, these LEDS are powered by the rotations of wheels that keeps them charged up all the time.

The wheels feature a rotational axis which means your child will be able to steer and control the speed of the board as he begins learning.


playshion drop skateboard

As we are closing down our list, here comes a recommendation from Playshion that is not just suitable for kids but adults can also make use of this and skate their hearts out whenever they want.

The Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser has a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs and it comes in a flat, asymmetrical design that makes it very easy to control. The board is exclusively designed while keeping beginners in perspective to provide them with better hold and power over their speed.


The board is very well capable of functioning in freeriding, curving, cruising and to try out freestyle moves.

The Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser also works perfectly for those riders who love going up and down the hill and provides them with an extremely smooth and effortlessly stable riding experience.

Bottom line:

The deck of the board is made up of hardwood. It is sturdy and can carry a lot of pressure which makes it ideal for kids and adults.

Things i like
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Hardwood maple deck
  • Easy to use


Things i dont like
  • A little expensive



WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete Skateboards

WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete Skateboards

The last skateboard that we would like suggest is a multi-purpose skateboard from WiiSHAM Skateboards. This is a very stylish skateboard that is designed to be used by kids, adults and teens. The board is built with high quality materials and is meant to last longer as compared to most of the skateboards you find in the market.


You find the name of the brand inscribed on the deck so you know you’re getting right skateboard. This isn’t a plastic skateboard instead; it is made up of wood which makes it extremely durable and sturdy.

The board comes completely assembled with a 7-maple layer deck and it can conveniently support kids, adults and teens. The deck can handle a minimum weight capacity of 100lbs or more which ensures that it is well-capable of handling the pressure of adults. The wheels have a very smooth operation for kids and for adults.

Bottom line:

So, these were the best skateboards for 8 year olds that we found in the market. As you can see, a variety of brands are selling some of the most durable skateboards on the market and we loved all of these suggestions.