Best Skateboard for Tricks and Cruising 2022

If you are searching for best skateboard for tricks and cruising but confused between so many choice then keep on reading. Doing tricks and cruising is dream for most of the skateboarders and we know that pulling off impressive tricks you need to have a skateboard that is built for that.

Getting a proper skateboard is as important as practicing this hobby. It will not only make your skateboarding enjoyable but also help you learn tricks and cruising fast without overlooking safety.

On the other hand if you end up getting a wrong board then it  will slow down your way to become a pro skater. Let me give you my personal favorite list of the best and top skateboard for cruising and tricks.

Best Skateboard for Tricks and Cruising 2021

Names of Top Skateboard for Tricks and CruisingImagesPrice
MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard Check Price
VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard Check Price
PUENTE Complete Skateboard Check Price
Slendor Longboard Skateboard 42 inch Cruiser Check Price

Our Top Recommendations

Top Pick VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard


Another impressive addition is today’s list is VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard. Like other good quality longboards, it also has some cool features. Let’s explore them one by one.

First and far most the part where the skater stands, the mighty deck. It’s a great length of 40 inches, and people love cruising on it. You might use it for tricks, although it’s a bit hard to use this skateboard for cruising and tricks.

Volador Maple Longboard is a perfect choice for longboard lovers that look for style along with space on deck. Its made of 8 layers of ply pressed on high pressure onto each other, making it like a hard rock. The sleek engineered design avoid wheels restriction and allow free movement. Its also used in Olympics skateboarding.

The truck is made of aluminum allow that is 7 inches and pretty strong. You can easily adjust these trucks on different angles, but the ideal is 45 to 50 degrees.

In addition to all that, PU wheels take it to the next level. These wheels are 70mm and 80A, equipped with ABEC-9 versatile chrome steel bearings. Carbon steel bolts firmly keep the whole board in one piece, which means it’s not easy to break apart result in longer life and durability.

Stunning graphics are also a great feature of this Volador 40 inches Maple longboard. They are so eye-catching and look premium. You won’t be disappointed after buying this modern design skateboard under $500 specially when you want to do tricks and cruising.

Things i like
  • Strong Maple Deck
  • Innovative Design
  • Smooth drive
Things i dont like
  • None

RunnersUp Slendor Longboard Skateboard 42 inch Cruiser


Slendor Longboard is another beast in the line of cruising longboards. As from the name, it’s obvious that it’s inclined more towards cruising than tricks. Longboards are generally known for the length and speed rides due to maximum stability.

Slendor uniquely designed this board. It’s curved on the wheels’ sides, so the lean movement is easy. For example, if you want to turn left or right, then just lean, and the cut design will facilitate a lot in a smooth turn.

With the shock absorber feature, you can easily cruise on roads even with slight bumps. Its made of 9-ply maple, known as hard rock. Length is enough to move freely 42x 9 inch with highly reliable material.

The next version of bearings is added in its wheels which are chrome ABEC-11. These bearings support high speed and help reach while cruising. Aluminum trucks is another great feature of Slendor Longboard skateboard 42-inch cruiser that is 7 inch and originally crafted for toughness. You can easily mount them on deck.

Wheels are designed carefully with PU rings that absorb any shock. The width of wheels is 70 x 51 mili meter and comes with rock-like finishing. Combining these powerful wheels with a shock absorber ring makes slendor longboard a beast in the longboard genre.

With all these features, the price point should be quite high, but it’s still on the lower side, which is a great advantage for beginners or pro skaters. A great option if you want to cruise and not tricks.

Things i like
  • Top rated product
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Shock absorbing
Things i dont like
  • Wheels grip is more

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard


Things i like
  • Multi layer hard maple deck 
  • Smooth ride
  • Great price point
  • Eye caching graphics
Things i dont like
  • Graphic peel early

PUENTE Complete Skateboards –  31 inch Pro Skateboard

PUENTE Complete Skateboards -  31 inch Pro Skateboard

Today’s runner-up is PUENTE complete skateboard 31-inch pro skateboard. Puente is another reputable brand that is committed to providing top-notch products.
You might have seen it while searching for the best skateboard brands. They provide skateboards in all variety from beginners to expert level.
As our #1 item, this is another eye candy and will keep you in style due to its attractive color scheme and trendy designs.
Canadian plywood with seven layers pressing makes it super hard to resist the impacts during street boarding and collisions with walls etc.
These layers of plywood make the deck unbreakable so you can be worry-free of skateboard breakage. It can hold up to 440 lbs weight which is a solid number.
The surface of the deck comes with pre-pasted grip tape. This makes sure your feet stay on the deck, which gives you extra stability and control on any board.
It has a double kickflip for unlimited possibilities of tricks and maneuvers. ABEC 9 bearings keep the tradition of free movement of tires even there is up to 180 lbs. PU bushing and wheels absorb jumps and stabilize the rider.
Things i like
  • Nice graphics
  • Double Kick – New Feature
  • Grip tape on surface
Things i dont like
  • Truck tightness need improvement 


We have presented you the best skateboards reviews that are best for tricks as well as cruising.  Hope it will help you choose the top of the line product. Which one do you like the most? Let us know in comments .