Best Skateboard for Tricks and Cruising 2022

Best Skateboard for Tricks and Cruising

If you are searching for best skateboard for tricks and cruising but confused between so many choice then keep on reading. Doing tricks and cruising is dream for most of the skateboarders and we know that pulling off impressive tricks you need to have a skateboard that is built for that. Getting a proper skateboard … Read more

Best cheap electric skateboard – Buying Guide 2022

Best cheap electric skateboard

The fun is always overpriced, and such joy that includes technology, it is no way going to be cheap. But we got you the best cheap electric skateboard where the skateboards are generally expensive in the line. However, there we still group up some of the cheaper electric skateboards where it deems impossible to hop … Read more

How much does a decent skateboard cost

How much does a decent skateboard cost

Skateboarding fans love to do a fun ride. Are you a fan too? Or want to start and wondering how much does a decent skateboard cost.  Getting your first skateboard for beginners is a tricky part. Especially when you don’t even know how much a beginner should spend on a skateboard.  That’s always a person’s … Read more

Best Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Review 2022

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Review

There are so many options in the market for electric skateboards but skatebolt electric skateboard is among the top choices for both beginner and pro skaters. Skateboarding is very environmentally friendly way of transportation, which also allows you to keep on budget due to no maintenance and zero fuel consumption. You just charge and its … Read more