Cheapest electric skateboard kit – Ultimate Collection

If you are looking to convert your longboard or skateboard into an electric skateboard and need an answer of which is the cheapest electric skateboard kit, then keep reading.

 Several such conversion kits are available in the market, but we have done thorough research and an ultimate list of cheap electric skateboard kits.

 Converting a normal board into electric is, no doubt a fun thing but requires knowledge and proper research. After all, these are electric gadgets and can fry anything if installed improperly. There is no need to worry; here, we will discuss the options and get the installed the right way.

Our Top Pick?

Incase you don’t have time to read complete article then lets cut to the chase. Our Top Pick is wowgo Electric Skateboard Kit. 


Its one of the highest quality electric skateboard conversion kits in the market that is actually quite cheap in price. Sturdy built , Easy assembly , Good finishing makes it superior to other kits.

There are some plugin and play options available on today’s list, which need only a few screws to fit and good to go while others are DIY electric skateboard kits. It’s all fun to put them together. 

List of cheapest electric skateboard kits – Handpicked 2021

Table of most affordable electric skateboard conversion motor kit is on our list. Have a look below:

Kit NameImageButton
Wowgo-Electric-Skateboard-Kit Check Price
Mellow-Conversion-Kit Check Price
Meepo-Board-V3-Kit Check Price

Why not an entire electric board and only electric skateboard conversion kit?


Before diving into more details of cheapest electric skateboard conversion kits let me explain why you need to buy them as you might be thinking that a new cheap electric skateboard can also be bought.

 Well, there are several reasons. First off, the electric boards are expensive as a whole deal moreover they don’t have flexibility. With electric conversion kits, you can control the customization which is not possible in readymade electric boards.

 These electric kits come with everything you need. All the technical stuff of electric wiring etc. have been done already. All you have to do is follow the instructions and put them together.

Finally, it is fun to build something and a sense of pride when you put something together on your own and then use it.


Electric Skateboard Kit buying precautions

Difficulty to Assemble

Now, this is your personal choice. Generally, people select that kit which is easy to assemble.

There come such kits where you need to tighten some screws and you are done.

On the other hand, other electric kits need you to get your hands dirty electric stuff, belt assembly etc.

Quality of Parts

Your whole conversion is based upon new electric kit parts, so make sure they are of good quality. One method is to inspect them visually. A high-quality product always has a great feel and finishing. Then look for screws, threads, cables, these thing speaks of itself.

Low-cost conversion

Let’s not forget the cost factor here. After all, you need to spend some money on this conversion. Minimize that conversion cost as much as you can without compromising quality, but if you got a great deck and want to keep it, then go ahead and convert it.


Such an important factor, make sure the new electric conversion kit gives you the desired speed range you are looking for.

If you are going for ready kits, it’s easy to predict but for DIY electric kits, hard to make a prediction. The best practice is to follow the exact guideline that comes with the kit to achieve the desired results.

If the manufacturer is not mentioning some performance expectation somewhere, then you need to ask them. If they can’t provide, they do not buy such kits because they might lack quality testing and probably cause more trouble in the future.

Advantages of skateboard electric conversion DIY

Several advantages but to mention a few:

  • Easy customizable
  • You can Air-Travel
  • All deck friendly
  • Gives more control on features

There are different types of motors available, but we recommend a dual-motor skateboard conversion kit. It has more power to steer you for long distances. A battery of around 100Wh can be charged separately, and you are good to go.

I might also write another post on how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35 but for now just stick to this one .

Cheap electric skateboard reviews:

wowgo Electric Skateboard Kit

Amazing choice if you are on a budget. The WowGo Electric Skateboard Kit is a series of WowGo. With a top speed of 38Km/h, it gives a thrilling riding experience.

It comes in separated parts so you can enjoy putting it together. Great gesture from Hobbywing: It comes with some extra accessories like a tail light, wall hook and a sized grip tape. Putting your converted skateboard was never so easy before.

It has a powerful Samsung battery 20R of 144Wh that can take you to 12 miles. Definitely a decent quality skateboard conversion kit on a budget.


Mellow Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit








If you want to take the credibility of someone who is a pioneer in skateboard conversion kits, then the mellow drive is your choice.

They were one of the first company that introduced skateboard conversions by using electric kits.

A simple rear truck connected to the pack of batteries fix a few screws, and it can take you places. This is a great choice with a 9 to 10 miles range and 40Km/h top speed.

One of the best features is you can take it to Aeroplane as its Air travel certified. It has a 99Wh durable swap batteries which means you can easily charge them while you are on a ride and swap them later. 

A bit pricy, but being a German-engineered gear, it wins the simplicity and quality.


Meepo Board V3 Conversion Kit


Some of you might want a cheaper option, so I decided to research Chinese companies, and one of the company’s credibility is Meepo boards.

They are based in China and started in 2017. In three short years, they become the market leaders in china for cheap electric skateboard and budget conversion kits manufacturing, they are best electric skateboard under $500.

You will be surprised to know that they include all parts, even grip tape. Electronic speed controller, which is your electric board’s brain, is already assembled to save a lot of time and effort.


Hope you have selected your desired conversion kit for electric skateboard as we tried to stay to the point without overwhelming you. Good luck!