The 10 Fastest Electric Skateboard – Updated picks of 2022

It is NO joke hovering over the fastest electric skateboard if you do not happen to get trained to use the electric skateboard effectively. Because you cannot jump on the skateboard to hit the maximum speed without thinking for a second, you do not own the command of not properly using it.

For the well-prepped folks, we bring 10 exclusive electric skateboards known for the increased speed to knock down the right length within a few minutes and enjoy whooping through the streets with much more full speed than the onlooker could ever expect.  

Undoubtedly, the electric skateboards have been in the business for long and are a multitude of brands available claiming to craft up the best electric skateboard released into the market. But we are explicitly talking about the fastest available electric skateboards. 

The experienced skaters are, undoubtedly, demanding and can withstand the power the speed can bring.   It just takes the manufacturers to allow the sudden thrust to gain the maximum high speed the skateboards are competent to handle. When they do, let’s start to experience the more top speed you could have ever expected in all these years of skating through the standard and especially with the electric skateboard.

List of the fastest electric skateboard — Updated picks of 2020!

X-Free-Skateboard Check Price
VOLADOR40’’-Maple-Longboard Check Price
Playshion-Drop-Through Check Price
Quest-QT-NSC44C Check Price
Retrospec-Zed-Bamboo Check Price
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UrbanPro Cool & Fun

urbanPro cool and fun skateboard

  It is not just a skateboard but an intelligently-built skateboard covering almost everything the skaters generally look for.  

Made with keeping the full waist deck with the material used from Canadian maple and the fiberglass that keeps it somewhat more cumbersome but non-breakable as well where no jerks and bumps would break or crack it.  

The name of UrbanPro Cool & Fun is designed explicitly for cruising through the paved streets with the ultimate satisfaction and the fun you so deserve.  

Coupled with the battery that is UL certified, which means it is safer to use and would not blow during the extreme temperatures and the way you ride the skateboard.  

And the multi-functional, as well as the portable remote, bring the best joy right in your hand to control everything with your fingertips. Take the step forward, push the brakes, accelerate, and go in reverse with three specified speed modes to get it utilized by the noob as well as the professional skaters having a good grip over cruising the electric board.  

Just like the name urban pro cool and fun is really made for fun ride. Famous electric skateboard among many skateboarders whether they are beginner or pro level. 

Wheeled up using the PU wheels with the reliable 35″ deck can efficiently manage the maximum load of over 265 lbs backed by the powerful 400W brushless motor that can easily take the steep hill of over 20 degrees to climb over coupled with the battery to last three hours of with full charge.  

Things i like
  • 35″ in length
  • UL certified for the safety
  • PU-made wheels
Things i dont like
  • Somewhat expensive

RazorX Longboard

RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

 It is not the graphics or the style that matters, but the overall design is. And when you have it in mind, do not overthink and grab the hand on this RazorX Longboard.  

It comes with the kick-to-start mechanism where it would immediately start after sliding for a few motors and geared with the rear-wheel-drive motor allows you to keep the better control and the traction to roam around the blocks freely.  

And having the medium-sized 125W motor with the increased power of the lithium-ion battery to deliver the electrifying energy to the skateboard to gain the maximum speed of over 10 mph to knock down the blocks after blocks within 40 minutes of continuous use, so that is good for the lasting joy to roam through and hit the markets to bring yourself the stuff you need.  

Having a more extended deck comprising 37.5″ made of the high-quality and 5-ply bamboo wrapped with the perforated grip tape for the enjoyable and smooth ride.   Being pre-assembled to ride the next minute arrives at your doorstep; it is always ready to hit the roads, but let’s check the battery’s power to see if it is not fully charged.  

Recommended for the kids aged nine and above, it supports the riders weighing over 220 pounds.  

Integrated with the wireless, hand-held, and the digital remote with the wrist strap to navigate through the features with your fingertips.

Things i like
  • Integrated with 125W motor
  • 5″ of deck length
  • Made with high-end bamboo
  • Highly affordable fastest electric skateboard
Things i dont like
  • Make sure to ride on the debris-free surfaces.

Hiboy S11

Hiboy S11

  Do NOT take skating dedicated only to the youngest generation to bound yourself front, NOT trying it. Skating does not know any age limits and the boundaries, but you should be careful enough to use it with extraordinary care.   This Hiboy S11 electric skateboard is known for the power and the fun together.

Take the teens to adults, and this skateboard would cater to every requirement the everyday skaters seek. Take it from the school to the markets, and you would find it always at your service.

Made exclusively lightweight and stable at work, it is made with the upgraded material and the technology combined that assists in keeping the lightweight to around 7.94lbs giving you the increased stability at the times of accelerating and turning to register the hard cuts no matter what speed you are cruising at.

As with speed, it is loaded with the single but powerful hub motor that provides the smooth ride with the maximum speed of 12.4 mph coupled with the robust and reliable battery that would take you to knock 6.2 miles in one single go after the full charge.

It comes with the wireless remote controller designed ergonomically and the rechargeable controlling the speed with the increased comfort and convenience where it makes you switch through four ride modes along with four brake modes without hitting an issue.

Having the regenerative braking system with the inclined deck over 8 degrees lets you gain the maximum speed in no time without worrying about losing the grip off the deck.

Things i like
  • Super lightweight electric skateboard
  • Comes with wireless remote controller
  • Hits 8 degrees of inclined hills
Things i dont like
  • Takes a lot (3 hours) to get fully charged

Boosted Mini X

boosted mini X electric skateboard

  Mini in size but not with the underrated performance. All in all, we find this Boosted Mini X electric skateboard as the faster electric skateboard available in the market because of the extreme thrust and the power which could eventually tackle the higher maximum speed of 20 mph is more rapid in the line.

It can get you to cross over the steepest-ever hills with a relatively faster speed, which would give you a hard time conquering on foot and without spending the stream of sweat.   Deep and the dish composite deck gives the perfect locked-in grip to freely stand over the deck without the fear of getting tripped and falling while accelerating and pushing the brake.

The battery takes the reasonable full charge to over 1 hour and 45 minutes, which would last to knock 14 miles down on the single charge enabling you to circle the block and the market to grab what you want without needing to take out the motorbike and the bicycle.

Coupled with the powerful battery of 1,000 watts to gain the boosted power with having three different ride modes and enjoying the regenerative brakes for the smooth stoppage matter how fast you have been riding the skateboard.   80mm of the lunar-designed wheels that provide the super-smooth rolling to face the bumps and vibrations to ride through the uneven roads smoothly.

Things i like
  • Faster in the line
  • Takes less to charge fully
  • Coupled with powerful 1,000W battery
Things i dont like
  • Expensive in the price

Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Swagtron Swagskate NG3

  All hail to the A.I., we are useful to spot the integration of the A.I. into this exclusive high-speed Swagtron Swagskate NG3 with the starting mechanism of kick-to-cruise to grab the fastest and maximum speed of over 9.3 mph in seconds.

With faster speed, you can attain the hard cuts, carve, and cruise like a pro skating legend.   It is integrated with the responsive sensors placed intelligently. It detects the difference between the weights and the motion to gain and stop the board automatically within seconds without dismounting off the deck.

Hooked up with polyurethane wheels to the size of 72mm or 2.8 inches coupled with the polypropylene deck allowing you to handle the cruise just like a true professional with absorbing all the shocks and the bumpers you would experience along the pavement.

Designed for the pristine performance to retain the look, this NG3 comes with 8 to 9 inches wider deck, which would not wear, tear, fade, and crack after the use of years.   Move More with kicking less; this Swagtron Swagskate NG3 is suitable to support the maximum weight capacity of around 150 pounds so that the riders should not make sure what weight class they fall in.

Loaded with the battery takes you through the mile range of around 4 to 6 miles to enjoy riding around the block with the ultimate fun.

Things i like
  • I.-based electric skateboard with the intelligent sensors embedded
  • TWider deck
Things i dont like
  • Does not go for the long-distance


Aceshin Electric Skateboard

  Equipped with the higher top speed of well over 12 mph, the thing is you require the safety not to lose the grip at the time of sudden brakes and the thrust to jolt down, which can let you experience the dismount at the unexpected boost.

Hooked up with the 250W and high-powered brushless motor that propels the Aceshin electric skateboard with the power to deal with the speed of 12 mph. And the battery provides the higher capacity that takes you to hit the maximum travel range of over 10 miles after getting it charged entirely for two hours while carrying a steeper hill of over 20 to 30 angles without any issue.

Crafted with the seven layers of the Canadian maple deck, pimples the perfect flex to register the smooth ride even on the uneven and bumpy roads. Made the wheels and the hub cover that brings the high-standard and quality PU to increase the life to stay durable and stable without stamping the collisions without causing the deformation. And the waterproof level of IP54 that protects the skateboard not to cause the damage brought by the splashing water.  

Reasonable to handle the weight capacity of over 220lbs, this high-standard Aceshin electric skateboard would not break and crack coupled with the ergonomic and controllable remote wraps on the wrist strap giving all the power to the beginner and the advanced skaters to enjoy the best control right from your hands.

Learn and take charge of riding this exclusive skateboard regardless of what skill level you are on, making it suitable for the kids and the teenagers to roam around the blocks.

Things i like
  • 250W brushless motor
  • Waterproof and laminated with IP54
  • Ergonomic remote controller
Things i dont like
  • The battery requires to get fully charged before the use

Swagtron Swagskate NG2

Swagtron Swagskate NG2

  There come certain electric skateboards renowned for the faster-operating speed tackling up within seconds. Still, not all of the skateboards are prone to be tested when you do not undoubtedly know about the make, especially of the deck, which can slip you off.

With Swagtron Swagskate NG2, it is not just a traditional cruising skateboard which intelligently shifts through the weight all around the deck surface, but it keeps you firm and able to gain the full cruising speed no remote control is required.   Coupled with the robust sensors that take in the weight and the balance to navigate through the streets in the balanced format.

Not just that but the powerful integration of a 450W motor enabling it to gain the maximum speed of 18 mph in seconds with conquering the 15 degrees of inclined hills without degrading the power.

Built and designed exclusively for the increased flexibility and the strength where it offers the ultimate resilience powered by six layers of the premium-quality of maple wood sandwiched along with two layers of the bamboo providing the support of over 220lbs as the maximum weight it can handle.

Loaded with a powerful lithium-ion battery of 43.8V takes about two hours of charge time with the mileage to conquer about 11.8 miles in one single go is quite enough to register the perfect ride for the day and succeed from the friends.

Things i like
  • Travels up around 15 degrees of inclined hills
  • I. powered electric skateboard of your choice
  • Good speed with the longer distance it covers
  • Made the deck with high-quality maple wood
Things i dont like
  • A bit expensive

BlitzArt Tornado


Formed for the exclusive range and the higher speed it could gain, the BlitzArt Tornado that sizes to 38″ of electronic skateboard that is known exclusively for the power it would bring.   Equipped with the secured 36V and 4.0Ah of the lithium-ion battery, which takes the full charge done within two and a half hours, giving the ultimate power to conquer over 6 to 8 miles.

Integrated with the ergonomic wireless remote to navigate the features comfortably and more easily into the grip that gives you the control over the acceleration and deceleration while shifting through the speed modes where even the beginners and the professional skaters could never find an issue operating the remote controller.

Crafted with the maple wood combined with the bamboo deck that adds in the premium grip tape with 7-plies laminated between two layers to make the sturdy construction of the deck, which would hardly break and record the crack despite the extensive usage on the bumpier roads or falsely had fallen over the ground.

And the inclusion of a powerful 350W hub-based motor with the regenerative braking system would take all the toll on itself, providing you with reliable operations, increasing the overall design’s worth to perceive like the professional skateboard you could avail.

Not just that, but the overall support of managing 220lbs as the maximum weight that takes from teens to adults to utilize this impressive piece of a skateboard from BlitzArt without worrying about loading the overweight person to ride it.

Things i like
  • Best and gains faster speed with 350W hub motor
  • 90mm wheels
  • Equipped with a powerful battery
Things i dont like
  • The battery requires the full charge before the ride.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders

Alouete Phoenix Ryders

 Out of the electric skateboards available in the market but you cannot get a grab over an excellent one if you happen to rush through the definite knowledge of what makes the best out in the market.  

With Alouette Phoenix Ryders, you are presented with the high-quality and robust electric skateboard made with the increased durability formed with seven layers of ultimate maple deck, which enables the flexible and sturdiness performance of the skateboard not dragging you ever to think and question the construction.

Hooked up with the powerful 250W dual hub motor that sizes to 83mm and being brushless at the make coupled with the regenerative braking that takes on to conquer the maximum range of 14 miles at a distance with the increased and reliable performance to enjoy the braking, acceleration, and the deceleration without slipping off the deck.

And the enhanced battery performance that lasts for the more extended range, 4,400mAh with 25.2V lithium-based battery, adds more power and the stamina to the skateboard to go for longer operation.

Having the ergonomic remote with the wireless technology and the display screen takes you to showcase through the speed, power, mileage, and the reminding battery with the cruise control functionality to go through blocks to blocks with everything shown in front of you.

Things i like
  • Suitable for the longer distance to cover
  • Comes with 250W brushless motor with the regenerative braking system
Things i dont like
  • A little expensive.


Shaofu electric skateboard

 Last on the list, and we have a Shaofu electric skateboard designed exclusively for the increased performance by picking up the best and the maximum speed within seconds.

And we are exclusively talking about the electric skateboard from Shaofu that is known for its best speed and the aesthetic performance to conquer the uneven and bumpy roads with the guaranteed smooth rides.   Believe in the power it brings right beneath your feet, the speed of 12 mph is believed to be the maximum speed it would deliver to you with taking the distance of over 10 miles covered just with a single and full charge.

As for the charge, it comes with a secured 24V 2,200mAh lithium-based battery that takes about two hours to get fully charged.  

Constructed with the remarkable quality of 35.4 inches of the lengthy deck crafted with the high-quality of 7-plies maple making it come complete with a lightweight board allowing you to experience the responsive ride for the perfect cruising and recommended for the teens aged eight years and more while supporting the maximum weight capacity of around 286 pounds.

The wheels made of the high-grade and gripping urethane material, which is shock-absorbant and prone to digest the bumps and the vibrations for the balanced and stabilized riding experience.

t comes with the ergonomic wireless remote coupled with two modes to accommodate the beginner and the advanced skaters, where it showcases the different sorts of indicators to keep informed with what you got and what remains.  

It’s relatively cheap electric skateboard in price.

Things i like
  • Crafted the deck with maple wood
  • Higher support capacity for the maximum weight
  • Super affordable
  • PU wheels
Things i dont like
  • Weighs a bit

Factors that Determine Top Speed

Many factors determine the speed of electric skateboards, the weight of the rider and power of battery are two major contributors.

Other factors that contribute are wheel size and weight, the output power of the battery, controller type etc. In addition to that these top speed skateboards need careful manufacturing because the rider is almost in the air and any compromise on the quality of built can do a lot of damage to the end-user. 

Do not forget the effective brakes, that’s what comes handy on sudden halt. Here is the list of a few factors determine the speed of your boards:

  • The output of Battery power: Battery power is critical as motor can only produce powerful current to the battery but then comes the battery part, so it needs to be powerful.
  • Weight of Rider: That’s pretty obvious, more weight can reduce speed drastically. 
  • Power of Motor: The number one factor to get a high speed. Must check the power of motor which is mentioned in Watts.
  • Speed controller: Quality of controller should also be checked.


What do you think of the list of the 10 best collections of the fastest electric skateboard we brought right for you?   Believe in the quality and the performance, the faster electric skateboard is pretty much equipped with the sturdy construction, and the safety demanded to ride with the increased speed. 

It is NO fun hitting the injuries every time the electric skateboards are ridden, and you would not have to ride with the slower speed.   So, get onto the awesome electric skateboard just like a professional skater does and bring the best out of yourself to turn the folks amazed.