Best Full Face Helmet for Electric Skateboard 2021

Electric skateboarding is an active and somewhat risky game so you must take care of safety by wearing safety gadgets. Full face helmet for electric skateboard is one of those protective gear that should be in your priority. They can be a great way to show off your taste for style and set yourself apart. Today we are going to talk about full face motorcycle helmets.

Full-face helmets are seen as a safety necessity for skateboarders, but they also come with some obvious drawbacks. Most full-face helmets weigh about the same and are often bulky.

For wearing ang taking it off, requiring a bit of a struggle when riding. These helmets can also reduce the efficiency of a rider’s movement and limit their ability to turn but using it always a necessity.

Top 3 Best Full Face Helmet for Electric Skateboard

In case you don’t have time and want to know the best option then here are our top 3 picks:

  • Bell Super 3R
  • TSG Pass Helmet
  • Fox Proframe Full Face MTB

Bell Super 3R

The Bell Super 3R helmet is a very popular helmet in the world of MotoGP. It is the perfect choice for any rider who wants a light weight, durable and comfortability.

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a skateboard helmet is whether or not it offers versatility. The Bell Qualifier does, and that’s why I recommend it for all skateboard riders.

You get an easy-to-remove face shield in case you need better visibility on certain days but with this option comes other benefits as well and having options means never being stuck wearing something uncomfortable because there was no choice left.

In order to remove the faceguard, you must first take off three release clips. This will turn your helmet into an ordinary one so that it is safe for use on a motorcycle or any other type of vehicle.

The 4-point system is the new way to have better aerodynamics. It’s suggested to use one mouth piece when riding but two when push on. It keeps your head and face more protected against the bumps of the road.

TSG Pass Helmet

TSG is a leading German helmet manufacturer, they have helmets for every rider from beginner to pro. The Helmets range covers a wide range of categories with colorful graphics and unique designs. Prices range from a few dollars to upwards of hundred bucks and they are available in many different colors.

The TSG Pass Helmet is pretty popular in electric skaters. Instagram really shows how much they love it with all their posts wearing them, and I think this new design is just as good-looking for being safer than ever before.

We’ve got a wide variety to choose from – if you build up your collection then we can have something that fits any type of weather condition or rider.

The TSG pass is a helmet that helps you ride on your electric skateboard without having to worry about fogging up the visor.

The foam horseshoe shape around your mouth and nose prevents air from getting in, which can cause distortion when looking through it.

TSG Pass is the best all-round bike helmet on the market. It’s great for professional skateboarder who need a lightweight and protective helmet, and it’s also the perfect helmet for casual boarders who often skate without a helmet.

Fox Proframe Full Face MTB

FOX’s is the perfect full-face helmet for sweating on long rides. With its lightweight construction, you won’t feel unbalanced when turning and looking at your surroundings while wearing this full face helmet.

It’s also available in a wide variety of colors to suit any rider with men’s or women-specific styles too.

The Fox Proframe Full Face MTB has an extremely breathable design that allows airflow past your whole body so it’ll be cooler on those warm days no matter how much time you spend cruising around town or across state lines.

One of the best features is that you can easily remove this helmet with just a single hand, which makes it easy to take off while wearing gloves or wrist straps.

The full-face design does make storing in tight spaces slightly more difficult than some other traditional skate helmets but has plenty of vents for all around cooling and comes at an affordable price.

Bell Broozer Helmet

Bell’s newest modular helmet is an aggressive looking streetfighter design with a removable chin bar designed for real protection. Unlike most other helmets, the Bell Broozer can be used in two different modes – full face or 3/4- which are both stylish and offer proper safety features.

Bell have been in the helmet business for a long time, and they know what riders want. The Bell Broozer has all of their signature styling features including aggressive good looks and ability to transform from full face into 3/4 style (just like Nolan). And it’s DOT rated with simple chin bar removal – perfect for any rider looking for an affordable option that still offers enough protection.

The Broozer is an innovative bike helmet that gets a little loud as the speed increases. Like most other full-face or modular helmets, the Bell Broozer has vents on both the front and top of its shell.

The central chin vent slider is easy to find while wearing gloves – all you need do is slide it up for more airflow. The second slider at the top can also be found with a bit of searching; once opened, air will come flowing through that one too!

Full Face Helmet for Electric Skateboard Buying Guide 2021

It’s never been easier to find the perfect full face helmet for electric skateboarding. It all starts with knowing what you want in your next purchase, and then prioritizing where it will be coming from. Sites like Amazon or REI offer a wide variety of options for those who are looking online.

However, if there is any concern about warranty purposes through purchasing directly off their website instead of locally at bike shops that carry many different styles and sizes (and brands).

We would suggest going back to these local shops so as not miss out on anything! There are also specific things one should keep in mind when buying skateboard helmets such as fit style safety standards–we explore this below:

  • Safety

That’s the first reason why you are buying a full face helmet. Riding a bike can be fun and safe. You just have to make sure your head is protected as well.

All helmets need to pass CPSC standards, so look for the label before you buy it or ask an expert at the store which ones they recommend. Some of them also offer dual certification in sports like skateboarding, roller skating and BMX riding if that’s what you’re into too – watch out though because not all are guaranteed safe while doing these types of activities.

The smart people who made this helmet wanted us riders’ heads AND brains covered with MIPS technology- multi directional impact protection system…so no matter how we fall our craniums will stay intact.

  • Design

Everyone want to look stylish with safety. You have a lot of options when it comes to electric skateboard helmets. You can go with the classic bucket style, which is lighter and more aerodynamic in design than full-face styles like what you might wear if you’re into extreme e-boarding or riding off-road on trails with unpredictable terrain.

The Bell Super 3R helmet has been gaining traction as a popular option for shield riders who want jaw protection while they ride their board across town at night without stopping traffic.

  • Comfort

The first thing you need to do when it comes time to buy a helmet is measure your head. Make sure the helmet fits correctly and securely so that, in case of an accident, they will not move around on your head or fall off while riding. Your safety as well as others’ are at stake.

When you get your helmet home, the first thing you want to do is make sure it fits. Helmets typically come in two sizes and a lot of helmets have adjustable straps that can be loosened or tightened for an additional fit adjustment if needed.

Removing the removable inner padding will give more room inside while still providing protection during any crash. Fasten those straps tightly under your chin so they form a V shape before closing them off with their hook-and-loop fasteners.

Why Wear a Full Face Helmet?

The need for full face helmets among electric skateboarders is increasing as the prevalence of falls becomes more common. The reason? You don’t have a lot of time to brace yourself before your board hits anything, and you can receive major injuries in seconds if not prepared with protection like this.

Full-face helmets are worth the little extra money because they protect not just your head, but also more delicate parts of your face like teeth and jaw bones. You’ll be glad you paid for that when someone comes to pick up a medical or dental bill.

Types Of Helmets To Avoid

When riding an electric skateboard, you need to make sure that you wear the correct helmet. Full-face helmets are perfect for skateboarders because they offer more protection and it is easier to see what’s in front of them while skating

To reduce possible accidents, try investing in some sort of half face helmet with vents so air flow will be allowed inside. but still provide adequate safety measures as well as being lightweight enough where its easy maneuvering around obstacles without falling off from too much weight weighing down on your head.

Although most wouldn’t think of it as a workout, skateboarding can be exhausting. In order to avoid getting tired or overheated, make sure you wear the right gear!


Wearing a full face helmet is the safest way to protect your head and face while riding an electric skateboard. If you’re looking for protection, we recommend choosing one of the above helmets as they have been tested by independent labs for safety against shock absorption, penetration resistance, retention strength from impact forces (if it falls off).

Our team at SkateboardReviewed has compiled this list after doing extensive research on which helmets are best suited for e-riders. We hope that our recommendations help equip skateboarders with knowledge so you can make an educated decision about what type of helmet to purchase before hitting the streets or going up hills!