How fast does an electric skateboard go

Looking for an answer to how fast an electric skateboard go? I know time is precious; everything is going on apace, so you need to move fast to catch up. Whether it is moving in your life or on-road on the road, places to places you need to be timely. 

For small distances, it can be a car, bike, or any other mode; however, there are more affordable ways, and one of them is e-skateboards.

 If you are an e-board fan, then you know what I am talking about, but don’t worry if you don’t know or fond of skateboards because this article will spark some flames in you that will compel you to hop on for a thrilling ride.

Now, how fast an electric skateboard goes depends upon many factors. One could think, why electric skateboards? They are small, portable, lightweight, don’t need a parking space or a lock to be safe, and most importantly, it is fun while you travel. 

The list goes on and on, but if you are stressed by the expenses and headaches of other transportation methods like fuel, security, taxes, etc., then trust me, an electric skateboard is your best solution. 

So How fast an electric skateboard can go?

Of Course, the top speed is different for commute board and racing one. An electric skateboard can move with a speed of 20 to 29 meters per hour, that is, 29 to 46 kilometers per hour. Some of the models can travel more than 38 meters per hour. 

It all depends on the build of the skateboard, batteries, and wheels. As a fun fact, there are speed tournaments for electric skateboards where people gather from all around and show their skills with the custom built powerful skateboards. 

Speed thrills, but I request you to please take reasonable measures about your safety like gloves, helmet, knee and elbow pads, etc. It sounds fun but equally dangerous. That being said, let’s jump in.

My friend mike was walking to the store when a huge skateboard zoomed by him, going twice as fast as he could walk. This sparks a desire in him to know how fast an electric skateboard is so he wen to that guy, who stopped by in a nearby store and asked about the top speed. He said,” I ain’t know man.” So he came to me for the same question. I then planned to write on it as well any one can know about it.

Super Fast skateboard World Record

As per Guinness Book of World Record, a company model called NGV of nextboard has manufactured the fastest skateboard driven by Mischo on a top speed of 68 meters per hour. 

Now that’s super fast. Even on a bike, it seems much, but when you are balancing yourself on four tiny wheels, it is a big deal.

Note that how good he geared up for safety and other precautions spreading out a clear message to BE SAFE while skating no matter what speed you do. 


The fastest electric skateboard is the NGV Next board. Its speed can go up to 110km/h or 68 mph. Mischo Erban has set the Guinness World Record on an electric skateboard using an NGV Prototype.

Most of the skateboarders loves speed either they are commuting or skating for fun. In addition to speed, the range is also an essential factor. 

Faster skateboard needs more battery power, and as a result, they are heavier in weight which makes them less portable but still when someone decides to get an electric skateboard then always have few questions in mind.

  • how fast an electric skateboard can go, 
  • how far it can go, 
  • can I get any cheap electric skateboard which also falls in the category of fastest electric skateboard etc 

Speed still fascinate alot, so the following are a few factors that determine it:

  • Controller and Battery 

The battery charges the current and stores it. Battery output should be powerful and compatible with motors. Mounting a powerful motor with a less capable battery is like blocking the motor. In other words, you will dump all the output of the motor if the battery is of less capacity and output.

A controller is like a brain to skateboard and supplies current. It should be of good quality and perfectly fitted.

  • Motor

In simple words, it’s the engine of an electric skateboard. The fuel that it gets from the battery is in the form of a current. The more powerful motor you get, the more speed the board will have provided that the battery is compatible. Have a look at the power of the motor before purchasing one. 

  • Remote and its settings

Remotes control All-electric skateboards, and it’s always recommended to have a good quality remote. Sometimes the button and press do not work as required. Check remote settings to make sure it is working at its optimum level.

  • Your Weight

That plays an important role. The heavier weight of the rider will make the board move slower. Electric skateboard size guide helps alot in choosing the best fit for you.

  • Maintenance of bearings and wheels

For used e-boards, maintenance will determine how fast or slow a board will move because the bearing and wheels become dusty with time, restricting the free movement. For a detailed guide, check our guide on How to clean skateboard bearings with household items.

Short rewind

Keep in mind the following points in short 

  • Good quality remote
  • Your weight
  • Motor power 
  • Controller settings
  • Proper Maintenance

Caution before the speedy electric ride

Speed seems quite thrilling, but at the same time, it’s quite dangerous as well. Unlike the cars of any other vehicles, you don’t have protective metal/fiber layers around you.

It’s like floating in the air all the time, so be extra cautious and use all safety gears while you go for a ride.

Use a skateboard helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves with wrist support.

Speed up the board only to the extent you can easily balance because on high speed, the boards start wobbling and if you don’t have such prior experience, then end up in a disaster. 

In addition to the above, always choose a straight road or a clear pathway with no traffic. The purpose is to go fast while saving yourself.

Final Verdict

Every detail is covered to answer your question on how fast an electric skateboard can go. Note down safety precautions as well if you want to do it yourself. Go out, have fun, and stay safe.