How much does a decent skateboard cost

Skateboarding fans love to do a fun ride. Are you a fan too? Or want to start and wondering how much does a decent skateboard cost. 

Getting your first skateboard for beginners is a tricky part. Especially when you don’t even know how much a beginner should spend on a skateboard. 

That’s always a person’s choice, mainly like what’s your budget, and you want an expensive or a cheap one. Any special features do you want etc. 

Take a pen and start making a list now so you would be to know about the cost of skateboards.

Main Types of Skateboards

Either you want a complete board with all options and accessories, then it might, or you need a customized one you have many choices. 

Some riders do like a long tail, so they get short tails, some others need more space, so they choose longboards. Customization might cost you more or less, depending on what features you want to add or remove. 

Let’s first look at a few main types of skateboards, so you know which style you want or prefer.

Classic skateboards

As from the name, it’s clear that they are classic style like cruise boards and made for cruising. They are useful to travel short distances but not for tricks or practicing skateboarding. Mostly they come with a fitted kicktail. This type has a price range of $70 to $450.


Pretty evident by the name, they are long in length and more room for you to move on quickly. Again they are for travel and, due to length, not ideal for tricks. Ideal for beginners due to stability. For downhill racing, they are amazing. 

They cost around $80 to $530 with various options. For more stability, this is your answer to How much should a beginner spend on a skateboard.

Electric skateboards

 It is the next generation of skateboarding, Equipped with a powerful battery and remote control. These skateboards drive themselves. The rider can quickly charge them and use them for long distances.  

How Much Does A Decent Skateboard Cost?

As you have a clear picture now. Decide your preferences now about what you want to ride. Also, have a look at your budget. 

Normal skateboard price ranges between $80 to $160, Depends on your customization. For example, if you buy blank decks, it will cost a lot lesser than printed ones, and the quality is almost the same.

Later on, you can customize them with grip tapes of different colors and styles.

Is it cheaper to build your skateboard?

It depends from case to case and parts you choose, but generally, if you do adequate research and know your choices when building your skateboard can be a lot cheaper than buying a pre-built one. 

How much does a custom skateboard cost?

It’s always fun to assemble things and modify skateboards as per your needs. Here is a list of costs you need to bear separated per part. 

  • Trucks’ cost: It will cost you around $45. You can find something in less price, but durability will decrease, and it might start breaking soon, so better be above average.
  • Wheel’s cost: If you need quality wheels, then buy no less than $30 wheels. As its, the part that will bear most of the friction must be long lasting. A regular wheel, however, costs $25.
  • Deck’s Cost: A Good quality skateboard deck is $55. The whole weight of the rider is on the deck; it also helps in balancing. It will be the most expensive part as compared to the above two but worth your money.  
  • Bearings Cost: Now, there are a wide variety of bearings available, and the price range starts from $25 goes all the way up to $200. You get what you pays for; I would recommend you to spend at least $80 on this part, if not more.
  • Tail’s Cost: The backside of a skateboard helps during tricks having a price of $15 to $35.
  • Griptape & Misc. you can purchase the least-cost part grip tape for $4 easily, and the rest of the misc parts like nuts, bolts, etc., is $5.

You might think this isn’t the cheap skateboard option; well, I included everything also considered good quality parts. 

If your budget do not allow it, then reduce the cost and get you an average skateboard to start with later; you can upgrade as you are already familiar with custom skateboard parts, so it should not be a problem.

Final Verdict:

It always depends on your wish as well as on budget. Now you can decide, “Is skateboarding an expensive sport.”

Whatever you decide but keep in mind not to compromise on deck and wheels. You can reduce costs for other parts but do not touch the lower end to avoid disappointment in the future. Good luck!


Let me answer some of the Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to make a skateboard?

In short, $45 for skateboard trucks, $25 for wheels, $55 for deck, $25 for bearings, and $10 for hardware. That being said, it answers that question as well where you might ask How Much Does It Cost For A Good Skateboard.

How much should a beginner spend on a skateboard?

Well, on average, a beginner should not spend more than what is mentioned in this article. It is more than enough to make you a good quality skateboard.

How long does a skateboard last?

An average built skateboard lasts for around 3 to 4 months. This time may increase or decrease depending on your board quality, usage, etc. 

Is skateboarding an expensive sport?

In my opinion, it’s not expensive at all, especially when you have so many choices to build a custom board with low-cost parts.

Are cheap skateboard good?

If your ideal is a street skater with so many tricks under your belt, rough surfaces, and chances of bouncing off the deck is higher than cheap is not a good option for beginners its ok to use.

 How much does a skateboard weigh?

Skateboard weight varies between 5 to 5.5 kilogram or 11 to 12 pound. If you have a heavy deck or wheels, then it will weigh more.