How to Carry a Skateboard on a Bike (Updated Guide 2022)

Skateboarding is a breeze when not traveling far, but if you are riding your bike and want to skateboard there too, things can get messy. Skateboards have no hooks or handles of any kind so unless the trip isn’t very long it’s better to ride your bike.

To resolve this problem about about how to carry a skateboard on a bike, we have provided some practical tips where you can carry your skateboard on bike easily and safely.

5 Easy Hacks for Carrying a Skateboard on a Bike

Its not that difficult to move skateboard on bicycle. Let us explain it one by one.

1- Use Bike Frame 

If you want to take your board with you while biking down some hills on a sunny day then clasping it onto your bike frame is quick and easy.

The best part about this method is that no additional equipment or installation are needed; just find an empty slot along the top tube near where one seatpost would go into another hole for mounting purposes.

Your cordless clamps will secure both ends firmly together so they won’t shift around as much–even when going downhill at high speeds.

Now, this is where you need to put the board. Position it at an angle so that when placed on top of your bike frame, one end will be raised while the other rests upon your seat post or handle bars.

If done correctly and in a way that’s comfortable for both wrists and arms – as well as not too high up like we’re getting ready to do some stunts! The idea here is just haul the skateboard between those posts (or bars) without actually attaching anything but yet have them balance securely enough such that they won’t fall off anytime soon.

Just take care with how much weight you use because if someone were riding their bicycle back home from work by balancing atop a wooden crate full of tools than things may get tricky.

Skateboarding is a popular form of transportation in Europe. In fact, school kids have been transporting their skateboard on the front rack of their bike for years – it’s really very easy!

2- Get a Skateboard Bike Rack

Skateboard bike racks are the best choice for any biker who also loves to skate. These innovative and versatile pieces of equipment will securely hold your longboards in one place so you can navigate through busy traffic with ease.

No one enjoys a good bike ride and skateboarders are no exception. But, what do you when your board is too big to carry with you? Enter the Skateboard Bike Rack.

This handy device will secure your board while providing plenty of space for yourself on the pedals. The only thing that could interfere in this perfect setup would be if bungee cords were not available or had been lost before hand, which can easily be remedied by purchasing some at any local hardware store.

Bikes are parked at the back of a truck to avoid any interactions between heels and skateboards. But if you’d like some extra protection, we have this handy tutorial on how to install them correctly.

Bike racks will be installed behind your rear axle so that there is no chance for one’s heel touching their precious board! If you need additional help with installation here is our quick and easy guide.

3- Shoulder Bag or Strap

Bikers love carrying their skateboards with them when they ride using shoulder bag or a strap. This way, your hands are free for riding and you can enjoy an off-road adventure without worrying about the board getting in the way of anything.

The shoulder strap is a great option for skateboarders and bikers alike. It’s lightweight, adjustable, affordable- what more could you ask for? Many people enjoy using it to vary the position of their board while biking so that they can have both hands free as well.

These shoulder bags are the perfect hybrid for those who want a lightweight backpack but still have some security. Rather than two straps, they only come with one and can be carried on your shoulder while also accommodating larger skateboards like their backpacks counterparts.

The adjustable strap is great because you get to choose where it goes across your body–whether that’s around both shoulders or just over one shoulder.

4- Backpacks or Travel Bags

If you want to take your skateboard with you on the bike ride, a travel bag might be an option. They can get expensive and are quite heavy but if one is available for use then it should work just fine.

Make sure your board doesn’t exceed 35 inches in length or include a longboard. If not, using gloves instead of hands could solve that issue.

Backpacks are a better and more comfortable option for carrying the board around. For either, you won’t need any racks or cords to attach it on your bike which saves time and energy especially if you’re regular like me that needs to carry my board every so often.

5- Rear Rack and Bungee Cord

Next method in our list to travel with your skateboard on bike is rear rack and bungee cord. Its one of the convenient way to move skateboard. Simple and affordable, these elastic bands can hold not even skateboard but a range of items like  large water bottles without breaking the bank!

To put a skateboard on the back of your bike, place it in the spaces with wheels. Make sure they are touching the rack and then tie them together. You can also use other things like wood to keep them in place.

Final Words

Many people put their skateboard on top of their handlebars when they ride a bike. This is dangerous and distracting. You can hurt your handlebars with the skateboard and increasing the risk of accident.

There are many good ideas for how to carry a skateboard on a bike and all are mentioned above. Hope you find it useful. What Method do you use? Let us know in comments.