Penny Board 22 Vs 27 Inches – Which one is Better?

A penny board is a type of skateboard that has a shorter deck and smaller wheels. The 22 inch penny board is more appropriate for beginners while the 27 inch penny board are better for experienced riders who want to ride faster down hills, or have larger feet.
When I walk through the city, I often notice young people with skates that are brightly colored and vibrant. It is a much more common sight now than when I was growing up in my small town where you would only see one or two kids wearing them on any given day.

The most popular type of board these days seems to be penny boards as they have taken over from skateboards lately due to their popularity among younger generations who can’t afford expensive new technology like hoverboards.

There are many options available for different styles, sizes, colors – even wheel color! One thing every beginner should know before buying though is what size will work best depending on height because there’s no point spending money if your feet won’t touch the ground while standing still.

22 or 27 inch Penny Board – How to Choose?

The penny skateboard is a small board on which you can ride and perform tricks. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to take with you wherever your adventures lead. However, other types may differ in the width and length of the board as well as wheels material or purpose for example.

This means that beginners often select what they think will be best for them based on research before purchasing their first skateboards from many different stores where they have several options available like color size shape etcetera., but all just want an impression of riding one after 2-3 attempts right?

So I have decided to point out Pro and cons between 22 and 27 inch penny boards because everyone wants more information about this topic when making a decision if he/she should buy.

Penny Board (Pro's)Penny Board (Con's)Nikel (Pro's)Nikel (Con's)
CheapLow stabilityEasy to ManageOnly for cruising
Lighter in weightHard to ManageStableheavier
Compact and smallFor tricks onlyFor Long distanceLarge in size
Good For BeginnersNot for long distanceEasy CommuteExpensive

Any Size Recommendation for Me?

There is no one size fits all when it comes down to choosing the right board in regards to their dimensions so make sure you know what type of skateboarding style you will be doing before deciding which board would suit your needs best.

If this seems confusing here’s an easy way: if penny board riding looks fun then go ahead and purchase whichever height meets your tastes best; however, if penny boarding becomes more work than play due both its formality (or even just because we’re unsure).

All models of skateboards are standardized by size and created from plastic. There is a small model (17 inches) that was popular among teens, but the most common width for boards now is 22-inches in length.

The 27-inch board has been classified as nickel or longboard because it’s not very popular with kids these days despite its large stature, while 36-inches wider will be considered an enormous one to find on store shelves due to recent demand.

Penny board size chart

How Big Is a Penny Board?

Boarders will be able to skate on a 22-inch board (56 cm) today. They are light in weight and compact, so you can easily fit them into your backpack without carrying much of an extra load – perfect for commuters! These boards might not seem like the best option if you’re just starting out because they don’t offer enough stability.

The nickel tool is more suitable for beginners because it’s 27 inches long, 7.5 wide and a lot heavier than the penny board model I was talking about earlier – which might be too light weight for people at the beginning of training or those who have never trained before. The downside to this kind of skateboard may be that it can cost you more.

Something about 17-inch & 36-inch variants

17″ boards are too small for a long distance. Beginners will not be able to learn how to skateboard on it right away. They are not popular today. But 36-inch board is a longboard. It is for long distances. The professionals and athletes use them. Beginners will not be able to use them right away.

Final Verdict

I hope the information was helpful to you. What size penny board should I get? If it is for your first time, then my suggestion would be a 27″ nickel. It is more resistant and faster than other boards of this type. When we started skateboarding, that’s what we bought as well. This model is created for novice skaters with less weight restrictions but still provides enough stability when on top of them in high speeds or carrying heavy loads like groceries home from the store.


what size penny board should i get for a 12 year old?

A 12 year old is the perfect age for a skateboard. Skateboarding has become increasingly popular in recent years and can be done on many different types of boards. The main difference between these boards are their size, shape, and weight. This post will help you find out what size penny board to get for your 12 year old child so they can start skating.

Are penny good for kids?

Penny boards are a type of skateboard that is designed for children. They often have lower grip tape to make the board easier to ride without slipping off. If you’re looking for a new hobby, or just want something different from your ordinary bike, then maybe it’s time to consider getting one of these trendy boards.

Is a 22 inch penny board too small?

A lot of people are going to tell you that a 22 inch penny board is too small. But, it really all depends on your height and weight. A 22 inch board is still long enough for those who are under 5’2 and if you weigh less than 150 pounds then the width will not be an issue. If you’re taller or heavier, then go with a larger size.