How much weight can a penny board hold

Penny Boarding is part of youth culture now. Teenagers with colorful boards on wheels can be found on the streets and in parks. This invention, similar to skateboard design, came from Australia.

Its design aims to allow the inhabitants of big cities to move with speed with fun and lose weight. Learning to ride a penny board is best for the whole family, involving their little 5-7-year-old members.

 “Penny Board – a small skate that allows kids and adults to get around town quickly.”

Penny Board Weight Limit

The weight limit for penny boards ranging from 190 to 199 lbs, which is, of course good one as compared to other boards. Other boards sometimes break easily so you should go for good quality.

The history of penny boards

The founder of Penny Penny rose to fame in the 1970s with the release of plastic skateboards as an alternative to the famous wooden boards. However, the time for penny skateboards has not yet come, and the company has declined.

The second attempt to re-enter the market in the 2000s was booming. The company offers a wide range of illuminated boards for city boarding, which brings them success.

A plastic alloy deck reduced the steering tool’s weight, and an adjustable suspension ensures the rider remains stable. Penny boards are light and handy that easily fits in a backpack. They are sometimes called “pocket skateboards.” However, mounting them is not easy and requires practice and coordination.

Features of Penny Board

Penny Board is a smaller copy of a skateboard with minor design differences. It is equally suitable for children, teenagers, and young girls fond of speed and excellent coordination and movements. The main characteristics of these boards are:

  • Bright design – fashionable colors
  • Wide polyurethane wheels (diameter 59 mm) with high-quality interchangeable bearings (ABEC 7)
  • Deck material – strong and at the same time light plastic alloy (because of this, the boards are called plasterboard)
  • Correctly curved tail, which allows you to jump on the sidewalk and perform interesting tricks
  • Non-slip deck pattern that helps maintain balance.

Board sizes 

Table boards manufactured by the Australian company Penny:

Boards with a deck length of 91cm are called longboards – these are adult boards designed for professionals. Plasterboards with a 56 and 69 cm wide bridge are intended for children. 

27ʺ boards are designed for beginners with wide feet. Teens with excellent coordination of movements hone their skills on an elegant and advanced penny with dimensions of 22ʺ.

Difference between a Penny board and a skateboard

Penny boards and skateboards are practically the same. They are structurally similar and designed to ride on the streets, but they also have differences, the most important of which is the boards’ size.

Penny is small in size, due to which children use it. They are made of durable polymer materials, have softer wheels. They have good adhesion and stability, although their speed is lower than that of skateboards.

Different types

Penny plasterboard differs in various features and designs. The manufacturer produces following types of boards:

  • Personalized – bright and expressive boards (wide range of colors);
  • Fadex – buyers themselves create pennies, which is suitable for creative natures
  • Marbles – penny board with a marble design;
  • Full – the category combines boards of the same color;
  • Pastel – panels of soft shades – mint, marshmallows, lemon, peach, suitable for girls from 7 to 12 years and teenage girls;
  • Fluorescent – at night they glow in neon colors, ideal for boys from 5 to 12 years old and young men;
  • Vacation – vintage style pennies with Hawaiian motifs
  • Transparent Penny board – a classic that will appeal to boys and girls.

What is the weight limit of a penny board?

Bright and lightweight penny board is suitable for skating children from 5 years old. For children of five to ten years old, unique boards with a maximum weight limit of 45 kg are produced. Teenagers are recommended to use plasterboard that can hold up to 100 kg weight. Each model has its weight restrictions, and this specification should be taken into account when purchasing. 

Although it’s recommended to buy 27 inches penny board, as they are more durable and convenient, they can hold more than 98lbs, so even if you are comparatively heavy, they can hold you easily. 

How much is the width of the penny board?

The size range of these penny boards consists of two types:

  • 22 inches (hanger width 3.125 inches);
  • Twenty-seven inches (pendant width 4 inches).

The penny boards’ width allows you to choose your size for each, and for beginners, it’s easier to learn on a 27-inch wide board. This option is suitable for corpulent people and tall feet because, with this size, the board will be comfortable to put on your feet. 22 inch wide boards are ideal for lightweight people, more often children and girls.

All penny boards have 59mm wheels in diameter, which have a rigidity of 78 A, fitted with ABEC 7 bearings. You can replace the bearings on a penny board, which will give it different characteristics.

The penny boards color scheme is so diverse that you can choose according to your discretion and mood. These options are especially suitable for children who love everything so vibrant and colorful.

All about Penny Boards 22 inches and 27 Inches

Penny panels have two main groups called ORIGINAL 22 inches and NICKEL 27 inches. Both types have series that are released with special unique characteristics, and therefore consumers should focus on their needs when purchasing this type of sports gadget.

  1. The graphics are a series presented in a vivid pattern placed on a bridge in a range of 22 and 27-inch sizes. Different types of crops in the form of patters are shown in the form of drawings.
  2. Fades is a series with unique design work. Vivid patterns for a beach, sea, and sand vacation became the basis of this design type. The size range is 22 and 27 inches, which allows you to buy for both adults and children.
  3. Holiday – vintage style with images of Native American themes, Hawaiian shirts, etc. The size range also includes 27 and 27-inch models.
  4. Pastels – summer pastel shades, soft and pleasing to the eye, such as light green, pink, blue, etc. The size range is 22 and 27 inches. Suitable for the beach, summer vacation.
  5. Fluorescents – skates for driving in the city at night because they have a special coating that glows in the dark. Which is great way to get attracted by fellow skaters. It comes in 22-inch shiny neon skate decks.
  6. Marbles – elegant planks in a classic design with a marble pattern. They have their secret formula for building a soundboard, which means only true fans of the sport will be able to find out.
  7. Organic is a unique series featuring natural phenomena. The special composition of the board also includes biodegradable materials that are entirely harmless to nature. The lifespan is a bit less than this type of plastic, but if you want to prove yourself a nature lover then go for it.

Riding equipment (Safety First)

To learn to ride a penny board, you need to prepare the safety equipment. It will protect you against injury in case of accidental falls and allow you to train without restricting movement. A beginner athlete needs:

  • clothing that does not restrict movement depending on the weather
  • knee pads
  • arm ruffles
  • gloves
  • a helmet
  • sneakers with a light sole for better grip

 Injuries during falls are not uncommon, so it is advisable always to use safety gear.

Does Weight Effect Affect Skateboarding?

It’s simple physics. If your skateboard is heavier, then due to inertia, it dominates on gravity and moves fast; if it’s lighter, then, of course, it cant’s overcome gravity for a longer time, which makes it slower.

The rider needs to push harder and more frequently to move faster on a lightweight skateboard or penny board. However, this problem won’t arise in electric skateboards. The truck is the main part of a skateboard and the heaviest one. The penny board is made of fiber plastic, but normally in skateboard, they are layers of wood sheets glued together called ply. 

Penny board key characteristics in terms of age and weight

Penny board do allow skateboarding for kids as well as adults of different weight. Many poor-quality skateboards are currently appearing in the market—some of the features that enable you to differentiate between original and fake penny boards. 

The original brand has an inscription from Penny Australia. Below the deck, you will find “R.” The word Penny is also marked on the wheels and abec7 bearings. Now, remember these points, so you don’t get scammed. 

If you are on a fixed budget and can not afford the original penny board, you can look for the first copy. Some of the companies that make the first copy are Fish board, Union, Sunset, etc. Some of the models are also equipped with abec7 bearings. Make sure you know your weight, foot size, and skate style. 

Penny board is a gift that will help your child to step into a healthy sport. Kids love its shiny design, handling, speed, and smooth ride. Outdoor activity positively affects the child’s health and helps him blend in with society and make friends while playing. Penny board will teach your child to coordinate and allow him to have a good time in the company of family or friends.

Can we carry penny boards in backpacks?

Sure, the easiest way to pick up for a penny board is 69 cm (27 inches) is a bag or backpack , since such a board is quite suitable to carry even with an ordinary skateboards.

Although the sizes of penny bags and cases is constantly increasing, the quality of these products sold in many sporting goods stores is not very high.

To purchase a cover or backpack for your board, be sure to take the board with you and try on the pack in place. Make sure the product will be convenient to carry. Also keep in mind that a penny case is more compact, but carrying in a backpack is much more convenient.

Here are some frequently asked questions:


Can penny board break easily?

» Not at all. Penny boards are built with sturdy material, but it’s always recommended to consider your weight, height, and style before buying one. 

What is maximum weight a skateboard can hold?

» This depends upon the build of a skateboard and the brand. If you are getting a good one, then it can hold up to 290 pounds easily. 

Why are skaters skinny?

» It’s a physical sport, and riders love to do tricks. Most skaters are slim, which helps them move quickly and maneuver without any problem compared to a heavier body. 

Can you be too heavy to skateboard?

» There is no such limit of weight, but the more you are in weight, the more chances of injury are there. Even doing small tricks, the risk of twisting foot or ankle can cause colossal damage. 

Does Skating build abs?

» Skating is a challenging exercise, and you need to be on your toes and heels all the time. Ready to run, stop and jump instantly. It makes not only your abs but also your back, shoulders, legs, lower body muscles. 

Final words

Hence a penny board is a smaller version of a skateboard. It is a universal form of transportation and equally suitable for children and adults, women and men. I hope that we explained most of the portion of how much weight penny board can hold.