Top 10 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards – Practical Review

Safety should be the number one priority during skateboarding. Using personal protective gear like a wrist guard is a must to have fun while being safe. 

Here in this post, we have tested the ten best skateboard wrist guards that can save you from a severe injury during an accidental fall which can turn this fun hobby into a sudden pain that requires a reasonable amount of time to heal back.  

After the head, wrist injuries are most common in skating. The wrist is such a delegate yet an important part of the arm; if it gets fractured during skating, the whole arm is paralyzed as you cannot use hands or the arm. 

That being said, a skateboard wrist guard should be a core part of a skater’s inventory. Without further adieu, let’s dive into a list of the 10 best electric skateboarding wrist guards.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards 2021

Triple-8-Hired-Hands Check Price
187-killer-pads-derby-wrist-guard- Check Price
Demon-Snow-Flexmeter-Wrist-Guard Check Price
Triple-8-Wristsaver-Wrist-Guards Check Price
CTHOPER-Impact-Skate-Wrist-Guard Check Price
Burton-Adult-Wrist-Guards Check Price
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Copper-Compression-Wrist-Brace Check Price
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Our Top Recommendations

Triple 8 Hired Hands Top Pick

Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves
Features :

  • Foam layers by EVA to absorb heavy shocks
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Sturdily built with a soft inner for a comfortable feel in hands. 
  • Adjustable splints on top and bottom 
  • Perfect sizes

Triple 8 Hired Hands Wrist Guard Gloves are perfect wrist protection required for any skateboarder. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced skateboarder, the Triple 8 wrist guard fits your needs. 

Unlike other wrist guards, this will cover your half fingers and leave another half desired by many skaters out there. It comes with full padding and half grain top-quality leather. EVA shock absorbing feature makes it stand out from the rest of the wrist guards in the market. 

ABS splints make it impact resistant, which is essential to avoid a sudden shock resulting in any injury or fracture. It protects the wrist on top and bottom for an extra layer of safety. 

It’s a premium product, so it does have the premium features but each penny worth spending on it. The thick strap made of neoprene along with a loop and hook ensures a tight fit. 

Even if you are a fan of hardcore skating, roller derby, or rollerblading, Triple 8 skateboarding wrist guard will hold on to your safety. 

These wrist guards are available in 4 standard sizes ranging from kids of 5-6 years to teens and adults. It also comes with six months manufacturer warranty, so if you are the one who doesn’t compromise safety over money, then this one’s for you. 

Things i like
  • Perfect sizing
  • EVA thick shock absorber
  • Double splints
Things i dont like
  • A bit Pricey (Not if you prefer stronger safety)

187 killer pads derby wrist guard 

187 killer pads derby wrist guard


  • Amazing built 
  • Fingers free 
  • Quite breathable 

Killer 187 is a famous company for making great safety gears, and 187 killer pads derby wrist guard is not a surprise from such a reputable manufacturer. 

In durability and toughness, they are top-notch. They are specially designed and stitched with double stitching to ensure it lasts a long time no matter how hard you hit the ground on them and keeps providing you safety and prevents injury. 

No finger covers make it pretty handy as you could move your hands-free even though it has a firm grip on your wrist with a thicker splint. 

Another great feature is its perforated material which means you won’t feel sweaty due to much better airflow. In short, they are quite breathable. 

187 killer wrist guards are extra sturdy due to their industry-grade material, stitching, and design. They are available from small to large, so pretty much anyone can buy no matter what size. 

It’s clear that they are specially designed for derby skaters through the name, but skateboarders can also use them with ease. 

These wrist guards are just perfect in price as well and surely worth buying. If you are a beginner and looking for complete protection, then this is a great option. 

Things i like
  • Fingers freestyle
  • Breathable material
  • Strong Double Stitching
  • Various sizes.
Things i dont like
  • Too Good to be Bad

Demon Snow Flexmeter Wrist Guard Runners Up


Demon Snow Flexmeter Wrist Guard


  • Simple palm protection
  • Neoprene stuff
  • Full-blown protection

Just like the name, it’s a demon in skateboarding wrist guards. It gives complete protection to the wrist and forearm with a double guard. With all this heavy protection, it still quite comfortable to carry. 

Unlike other skateboard wrist guards, Demon Snow Flexmeter has rigid bracing on both sides that not only keeps your wrist safe but prevents any fracture from the forearm side as well. Other wrist guards have only one side protection which is the palm for bruises etc. 

These are hardly 600 grams, which are considerably low compared to its build and extensive padding.  

For a comfortable fit, neoprene handcuffs are used, stretchable, and adjust on hand size just perfectly. With two hooks and a pair of loop straps, the fitting process becomes a breeze. Note that one of the loop straps is rigid, and the other one is elastic. 

Demon Snow hit the ground with these rugged skate wrist guards. They are available in all sizes, so get yourself excellent safety. 

Things i like
  • Removable palm guards
  • Super strong and rigid
  • Double protection
Things i dont like
  • More sizing information should be added

Triple 8 Wristsaver Wrist Guards

Triple 8 Wristsaver Wrist Guards


  • Easy feel
  • Economical in price
  • Free movement 

Next in our list of skateboard wrist guard review is the Triple 8 wrist saver wrist guard. Triple 8 again has done an incredible job with these wrist guards. 

Do not confuse it with our #1 listed product (triple 8 wrist guards gloves), as these are focused on wrist and backhand, unlike the gloves of triple 8 line, which also covers your hand and half fingers. 

Triple 8 wrist guards are high impact resistant with incredible shock-absorbing properties. Due to ABS splints, this makes it a good wrist guard for rollerblading as well. Like the Triple 8 guard gloves, these wrist skateboard wrist guards also contain EVA foam cushioning protection. 

Triple eight also comes up with a variation to suit customer needs. They manufactured two versions:

  • Wrist Saver I: has butterfly-style strap closure accompanied by three straps of hooks. This design makes sure you get a customized fit.
  • Wrist saver II: is designed with a single hook strap with slide-on sleeve type opening. Its made of nylon mesh gives it a great advantage to put on and off without any problem. 

Above custom, fitting is enough, yet they go an extra mile and manufacture various sizes that fit anyone from kids to youth and adults of any age. Here a general measures :

  • Kids (6-8 years) 6 to 7 inches 
  • Small size (9 to 11 years) is 7 to 8 inches
  • Medium size (Teenagers) is 8 to 9 inches
  • Large fit (adults) 9 to 10 inches 

In short, it’s a great choice as a wrist guard on budget. 

Things i like
  • Good fitting
  • Premium Material
  • Warranty of six months
Things i dont like
  • Abit snug (Important for safety)

CTHOPER Impact Skate Wrist Guard

CTHOPER Impact Skate Wrist Guard_


  • Easy free built
  • Firm safety
  • Thoughtful design

When you skate in summer, this extra breathable CTHOPER impact skate wrist guard is a good choice. From the appearance, you can see the unique design. They are thoughtfully built with no covering on the palm side and fingerless. 

You won’t feel sweaty in summer, unlike other wrist guards, which are a bit tough to wear in warm weather. If the back of hand concerns you, note that wrist guards are meant to protect the wrist, especially for which this skateboarding wrist guard is enough.

Like other wrist guards, this model also includes ABS protection for the wrist and palm, made of bone shell. EVA foam is used to absorb any shock as well as to make these guard soft.

CTHOPER impact wrist guards come in three sizes that fit almost all ages. Two adjustable straps made of nylon are there on the wrist and palm. Fingers and thumb are pretty accessible in it.

It can be used for skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading, Skiing, Moto Racing, Street Racing, Rope Climbing. And Mountain Biking. These are perfect wrist guards for rollerblading, just like skateboarding. 

Another unique feature is its rope design. It’s tough to put on and take off; pull from the topes on top, and there it fits in your hand. As simple as that. 

If you feel cold and want to use winter gloves on top of it, then the good news is that you can do it without any problem as these wrist guards are so compact that it fits in. 

Things i like
  • Good price point
  • Multi-purpose for any kind of sports
  • For Beginners and Pros
Things i dont like
  • No protection for the palm

Burton Adult Wrist Guards

Burton Adult Wrist Guards


  • Fitting is adjustable
  • Can wear under mittens and gloves
  • Good quality material

Whether you are a snowboarder or skateboarder, Burton’s adult wrist guard has a solution for all of your needs. 

Usually, these wrist guards are heavy and bulky in design, limiting their use, especially in cold weather, but now, with Burton adult wrist guards, there is no need to compromise safety or cold weather. 

Their compact design makes them handier in cold weather, where you can easily fit them under your mitten or gloves. 

These skateboard wrist guards are minimal design with maximum protection. Flexible splints are easy to adjust, and the whole glove moves on the hand pretty quickly.  

They are made fingerless for ease of motion and are pretty comfortable compared to other heavy skate wrist guards. 

As they are made with light material like nylon and filled with polyester and PE, it makes these Burton Adult wrist guards super soft without compromising protection. 

If we talk about the built quality, the manufacturer did an excellent job with double stitching and highly resistant tear-free material. The hook and loop adjustment strap is placed perfectly on these guards. 

With unisex sizing, you can find it for kids, teens, youngsters, and adults. 

Things i like
  • Soft and comfortable inner
  • Accurate measures for sizing
Things i dont like
  • No coverage to fingers

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves



  • Full and half fingers variation
  • The rough and rough material
  • Tested and Proven protection

Hillbilly emerged quickly in protection gears, especially in sports like skateboarding. These Hillbilly wrist guard gloves are one of the leading products that are built to keep you safe.

Hillbilly gloves with wrist guards are not only used for skateboarding but other similar outdoor sports like snowboarding, rollerblading, skiing, etc. It means if you decide to get them, it will be enough for so many sports like a swiss army knife of safety. 

Usually, wrist guard gloves are made either with or without fingers, but Hillbilly introduced both versions, so if you like free fingers, you got half fingers design; otherwise, a complete finger design is perfect for you. 

If we look into the design, comfort and safety are kept in mind during its manufacturing. Goatskin leather is used with a combination of heavy-duty nylon thread. No matter how hard you fall, it will be durable and reduce the risk of injury for sure. Double strong stitching makes it sturdy. 

Splints are spoon-like and provide far better protection and flexibility, and they are on both sides of the hand (palm and back).

These skateboarding wrist guards are available in two variations (Full and half fingers) and all sizes, even if you need them for your kid. 

Things i like
  • Works for skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, etc
  • Can choose between two variations
Things i dont like
  • Hard to use on touch screens

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard


  • Improved protection
  • A suitable replacement of Derby wrist guards gloves
  • Sleek design

187 Pads company never disappoints the customers, Have a look at these 187 killer wrist guards with a fantastic nylon mesh of four-way for holding tight and fitting perfectly on your hand. 

Among other skateboarding wrist guard, this is a top-of-the-line product. If you don’t need half or full-hand gloves and just a wrist guard, then 187 killer wrist guards are made for you. 

They do one job, and that is to protect your wrist, period blank. I tested so many times and found that the claim made by the company is correct. 

With back and front splints, you will get ABS, high density, and strike resistance. EVA foam absorbs the shock and provides ideal wrist protection. If you don’t want to go for 187 killer pads derby wrist guard, this is a reasonable replacement. But we always recommend not to compromise on safety. 

Things i like
  • Replacement of triple 187 wrist guard gloves
  • Double industry-grade stitching
  • EVA Protection
Things i dont like
  • Sizing should be improved

Copper Compression Wrist Brace

Copper Compression Wrist Brace


  • Great comfort and fit
  • Sleek design
  • Copper-infused

Let’s discuss something different; many of us look for innovations in everything. If that’s you, then Copper Compression wrist band is a great choice. 

How it’s different from wrist guards? 

Wrist guards have padding and material to protect against injury; although they do a great job, there is an improvement margin in everything. So the copper compression company prepared a particular thread that has copper infused in it, and then they built the whole glove with it. Amazing, isn’t it?

Copper is known for its durability and flexibility, so if your wrist is wrapped with it properly, then the chances of injury are reduced significantly. It’s lightweight, no extra thickness, secure fit, and whatnot. 

Both men and women can use it easily. It comes in various sizes to fit anyone’s need. So if you need something different than skateboarding wrist guards, then a copper compression wrist brace is your option.

Things i like
  • Versatile use
  • Copper-infused thread used
  • Wrist joint protection
Things i dont like
  • None

Smith Safety Gear Scabs Wrist Guards

Smith Safety Gear Scabs Wrist Guards


  • Elegant Blue and black color theme 
  • Ultimate protection
  • 3 Straps

Typically skateboard wrist guards come in black/grey color, but smith safety gear scabs wrist guards are made in black/ blue color scheme, which looks lit for teens and kids. 

If you want wrist protection with some economic package, then this could be your option. Ultimate safety and excellent comfort are worth mentioning features of these wrist guards. 

With a fingerless design, they are suitable for hand movement. You can use them for derby practice as well, in addition to skateboarding, snowboarding. 

Extra thick splint adds up in safety and if you have any injury in the past, feel free to skate with these wrist guards, and you will feel the difference. 

Like any other wrist guard, double stitching is done, so it lasts longer than regular guards. The color theme is impressive and looks cool as compared to other dull-colored wrist guards. You can also choose different colors like red, blue, brown, etc., so no more compromise on style while being safe.

Things i like
  • Premium Wrist Guard
  • Economical option
Things i dont like
  • Seams should be improved

Buying Guide for Best Skateboard Wrist Guards 2021 

It isn’t easy to select your ideal skateboard wrist guards with so many choices in the market. But we tried to make it easier for you with this buying guide and what to look for when you purchase any wrist guard for skateboarding.

Apart from looks and material, many other things need to be considered. Let’s discuss them one by one.  



First and foremost is style. After all, you want to be safe but in style, right? 😉

Usually, the wrist guards in a fingerless design because most skaters like to have fingers free. Also, these wrist guards are quite airy due to less covering. They look pretty cool and are usually used in tricks where the skater needs to use his hands to support, like on the ground or wall, etc. 

But again, there are those with fingers as well. To keep yourself safe from bruises on fingers etc., this is a good option; they aren’t bad either. In both cases, it’s your preference abut both of these are safe and comfortable. 


Safety & Material

S is the main reason why skaters wear wrist protection guards. Whenever you select any wrist guard, make sure they are safe enough to use and deliver what is promised. 

Even wrist guards skateboarding reddit experts also recommend the above list of what we have reviewed on this page. 

So the question arises how to assure the safety grade? It’s pretty simple. See the padding, splints, and overall built of the wrist guards. These things should be well in place and hard from outside so they can absorb the impact. Also, put your hands in it to try; make sure the softness and comfortability are there because you will be using it for a more extended period during skating.  

Splints are hard plastic and should not take off. Its basic function is to bear shock during a fall and divert that to the arm rather than the wrist. 

Material plays a vital role, and you need to see what material these skateboard wrist guards are made of. Do consider your weather and environment as well.

For example, if you live in a colder place, then full-covered wrist guards might be a good option, OR you can buy a sleek design so you can use mittens or warmer gloves over them. Just like this, do consider your requirements.

Also, look for foam, cushioning, plastics, stitching, fiber, etc. The material should be thick for more protection.


Size and Fitting

If you get a good-looking / perfectly safe wrist guard, but it dont fit you, then it’s pretty useless, right? Therefore make sure you know your hand measure correctly. Each manufacturer has different gradings of size.

Browse through the listing and find size against measures, and then order accordingly. Many wrist guards now come with suitable fittings and hooks, so fitting shouldn’t be a problem if you get your proper size. 



The price point is a primary concern for most buyers. They are right to some extent; however, we recommend not compromising it. You will jeopardize your protection, resulting in a severe injury and much more expense later on, so better safe than regret. 

We have one of the top considerations that are in a higher price range, but they are the safest options you can rely on at any time. 


So there we are, with all these detailed best skateboard wrist guards reviews, you can choose what you like.

We strongly recommend having proper safety gear that will reduce the chance of any injury otherwise, which can turn into a disaster for your body.

Our top recommendations are Triple 8 wrist guard gloves & Demon Snow Flexmeter Wrist Guard


Common Questions Answered

Now we will address some of the frequently asked questions from skateboard users regarding wrist guard buying.

What is a skateboard wrist guard?

These are protective covers for the wrist area that support the joint and save it from any injury. They are made of leather or any thick material with padding to make it soft and comfortable from the inside. With the splits and hooks, they are very adjustable and fit around the wrist.  

How do you wear wrist guards for skateboarding?

That’s a common question, especially for beginners, so here is the answer. If you get full fingers covered, then put your complete hand in it and then wrap splints. 

You might need to adjust more or less depending on the size of the wrist. Pull-on with the hooks given on them and then simply buckle up. 

Should I wear wrist guards when skateboarding?

Why not? Skateboarding is a hobby for many people, and it’s excellent due to physical activity. Now during all this fun, you don’t want to get hurt, right?

Most of the cases reported with a wrist fracture, so to avoid this and reduce the risk of such injury, wrist guards are highly recommended, so yes, wrist guards should be as crucial as your skateboard. 

How effective are wrist guards? Do they prevent wrist fracture? 

As you can see from the name of the “Wrist Guards.” They are meant to guard your wrist, and they do the job pretty well.

The purpose of any safety gear in sports is to reduce the risk of any injury; however, they don’t eliminate it. After all, you are still skating. Studies show that skate wrist guards decrease the chance of damage and are recommended by experts and medical professionals.