Best Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Review 2022

There are so many options in the market for electric skateboards but skatebolt electric skateboard is among the top choices for both beginner and pro skaters.

Skateboarding is very environmentally friendly way of transportation, which also allows you to keep on budget due to no maintenance and zero fuel consumption. You just charge and its good to go.

You will find a range of electric longboards for all sorts of prices, but if you don’t want to compromise on quality regardless of price point, then skatebolt is your choice.

 In case you don’t have time to read the complete guide, then here is my choice:

Let continue our skatebolt electric skateboard review and dive into details:

Top Skatebolt electric skateboard List 2021

Top PickSkatebolt Tornado II 

Skatebolt Tornado II 

Topper in our list from the skatebolt collection is Skatebolt Tornado II. From the same series of skateboard tornado pro, this electric board is recently launched by the industry’s fastest emerging company; it has all the latest features and a sleek design.

Its long battery life, top speed, ability to climb steep slopes, and taillights for safe night driving make it a great choice. The sheer amount of value provided in this electric skateboard makes it Top ranking in our charts.

The Skatebolt Tornado 2 came out to be second to none in its sturdy build quality, acceleration, and solid range.


Its deck made with 8 layer maple can bear enough weight and much flexibility for a smooth ride. The deck’s width is 11 inches, which is just right for beginners and experienced riders, even if they have a large foot size.


The esthetics is just stunning, with unique aluminum alloy covered the steel truck make it immensely strong. Strong built gives you full control while turning and making critical moves. Its total weight is 8.85 Kg.

Batteries and motor (Top speed Provider)

Now taking a look at its electric parts, a pair of 350-watt hub motors gives it enough boost. You can select four riding modes with a top speed of 25 Meter Per hour with fully charged batteries. Batteries and electric components are synchronised to climb a 25-degree hill easily even when there is a low battery; this indicates the motor is getting perfect output from batteries.

Remote control

Remote is undoubtedly a critical part of electric skateboarding. Skatebolt tornado II remote so good in hands that you would have “Just perfect” moment.

Several options available, including speed, direction, settings; keep going at the same speed while your red taillights are turned ON. This adds extra safety, which should always be the priority.


skatebolt tornado 2 wheels

The ideal wheel size for electric skateboards is 90mm and guess what? Tornado II has the same. It comes with 90 mm PU wheels, which provide balance and riding comfort.


Its brakes are sensitive, which means you can just put small pressure, and it will stop like hydraulic brakes, but it is advisable to practice it at low speed first. You will be amazed by the quality once you get used to it.


Honestly, skatebolt Tornado II has it all, just an amazing value for your money. In this price range, it’s unmatched by any of the competitors.

Hundreds of five-star reviews show thousands of satisfied clients, which speaks for its self about the company and its reliability. It’s enough to satisfy well-seasoned riders and newcomers for years to come.

Runners UpSkatebolt Breeze 2

skatebolt breeze 2

Number two on our today list is skatebolt Breeze 2. As expected, skatebolt didn’t compromise in quality in this model as well.


The board of this electric skate is not perfectly flat; it is sufficiently raised at the ends to be able to offer you more stable support during your journeys. The board is big enough, you will quickly find a natural posture, and you will be particularly comfortable there even on long distances.

Like other models of skatebolt, Breeze II can not go unnoticed. It is not perfectly flat and raised on both ends, making it big enough to keep the rider relaxed even on a longer distance.

Company-paid attention to detail on each component and finishing, so the overall presentation is quite satisfying, making it stand out from the crowd.


Like Tornado 2, the skatebolt electric skateboard breeze ii model also has a wide skate deck. Unlike other electric boards that are made with layers, this is Build with bamboo and fiber glass. This makes it resistant to break.

Battery and motor

Samsung 30Q, Lithium battery with a power of 6000maH allows you to go as far as 25 Km if “Normal” mode is used. It combines with a pair of the 350-watt motor, so a total of 700 watts make it possible for breeze II to climb up even a slope of 30° without much hassle.

Maximum speed is 45Km/hour, but always be careful and take safety precautions for yourself and others.

Recharge during the ride

Now this is amazing; when you go downhill, the skateboard normally puts on Normal mode as it does not requires any power to roll down. During that, this e-board recharges its battery by using the kinetic energy of your movement and wheels. How amazing is that? This is called innovation.

Remote Control

Pretty user friendly and hand fit remote control. It has four modes, Endurance, Low, Medium, and High. Where speed varies in each of them. Additionally, there is cruise control, which allows maintaining a precise pace with just the press of a button.


Normally 90mm wheels are used and recommended with e-boards, but this one comes with 100 mm; however, an extra set of 90 mm so you can choose between the size. Practically speaking, 100mm will give skatebolt breeze 2 the ability to absorb more shocks than 90mm.


Completely customizable braking modes using the remote control. You can select the sensitivity of brakes from any of the four modes. When brakes are applied, two rear lights turn ON, which will warn people behind you.


Maintenance Tools and assembly, which is required, is available with it in tools—no need to go to the market and buy any kit. Just use the kit to adjust breeze 2 as per your preferences.


At such a low price, Breeze 2 by skatebolt is hard to beat. Moreover, this electric skate has an IP67 waterproof certification, which means that this e-board can be submerged in water for a short time without any problem. This is quite handy when you are traveling through rain or a small puddle. This is a stable, durable, powerful, and robust product. This skate is very versatile and will easily adapt to all your needs.