What Size Grip Tape Do I Need?

Grip tape is actually a sandpaper type sheet that is glued on your skateboard. Some skateboards come with grip tape, and for others, you need to get one. Many skateboarders like to change it frequently, so they buy a board without grip tape.

Purpose of grip tape is to keep your foot intact on the surface of the deck, especially while ding tricks. You could have the best skateboard, but it is of no use without a grip tape of measly $20. Gripping a tape should be done properly, and we will discuss that in the article as well.

So what’s the exact size of grip tape do I need:

That’ depends on what you want to do. If you are looking to cover the entire surface of your skateboard, then buy a skateboard grip tape sheets slightly larger than the size of your skateboard deck. Just take dimensions, and it will be easy. Sizing chart also available with different manufacturers.

It’s not necessarily much, normally grip tape sheets are  is sold in 9 inches by 33 inches’ sheets, and that’s for shortboards only while for longboard grip tapes it goes up to 12 inches by 4 feet. For other types of boards like old school or cruise etc., you need to measure exact dimensions.

Above are standard sheets but if you are looking for a DIY project or your longboard deck is bigger size then you need to look for large sheets.

Is grip tape sandpaper?

No its not a typical sandpaper, actually its sandpaper type rough surface is made of silicon carbide. This surface is responsible for creating friction in your shoe sole and deck.

Most skateboarders love tricks and want to see their board in the air, so the grip tape is the biggest tool as the deck surface is smooth, it’s good to skate around, but for skateboard tricks, you need to have grip tape.

Like other parts of a skateboard, it also comes in various colour, shape, printed and non-printed, uni-colour and logos.

If you are a Marvel charter fan and want to see superman on your deck, no problem at all. Just buy a printed version of a superman. Or you like a transparent tape then you can get that easily, in short, they are available in all sort of design and variety.

How to apply grip tape on a skateboard deck

It is quite simple but sometimes tricky due to edges and shapes of different board decks brands. Just peel grip tape bottom sheet. 

Now stick the surface on the deck (the sticky side) and put pressure in horizontal directions. Make sure you don’t have any fold in between or any bubbles. For this, you can keep grip tape on the one hand and start pressing it along.

Don’t put all the sheet as it will come folded and headache for you. Note that the sticky part can stick to each other and almost impossible to separate so follow one hand approach as explained above. Here is a step by step explanation:

  1. Cut the grip tape to size and peel off the backing.
  2. Place the grip tape on top of your skateboard deck, starting at one end and working towards the other.
  3. Use a credit card or squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles in the grip tape.
  4. Once you’ve finished with this step, use a sharpie marker to draw some lines on your board so that it’s easy to see where each foot should go when you’re skating.
  5. Wait 24 hours for everything to dry before riding your new skateboard.

What size grip-tape for 8 decks?

For 8 skateboard deck you need standard Grip that is usually precut of 9 inches x 33 inches for easy installation.

What size tape for 8.25 deck?

Similarly, for 8.25 skateboard deck you need slightly bigger than 9-inch x 33 inches, and that too comes already cut. Comparatively bigger size need precise adjustment.

What Size Grip Tape Do I Need

What size tape do I need for my Tommy Guerrero dagger?

Tommy Guerrero Dagger pattern is one of the hot choices among street skaters. These size skateboard do use same grip tape. You can buy the same grip tape sheet  and glue it on. It was an old school fashion with clear grip and slime ball wheel.

What kind of grip tape should I get?

It depends on your level of skating, but for the best grip, you need to consider the facts that the grip tape must be sticky enough to stay on your board. Most of the experienced skaters use Mob Grip and Grizzly Grip tape.

Mob Is a bit harder on shoes, but Jessup grip tape is enough for you if your purpose is only transportation. Keep in mind it won’t last long being cheaper in the market, but it won’t wear out your shoes as well, so that’s a plus point.

How thick is skateboard grip tape?

The thickness of skateboard grip tape is Up To 1.5Mm. Good enough to work on common decks. Grizzly or Jessup grip tape are good choices for this purpose.

What grip tape is best for beginners?

There are certain choices but if you need one then go for Mob grip, others are more gripper to the shoe which makes them more advanced for a beginner rider.

Can you skate without grip tape?

Skating is fine without grip tape, but you always need gears for a joyful experience. Imagine if you skate and slip on your board, how much that can hurt you? Therefore, it is always recommended to have more control on your boards; the grip tape is essential to prevent you slipping. It is not costly as well; a good quality tape is around $15 to $20.

What is the best grip tape for a skateboard?

Many factors count in that decision. Always refer back to the sizing chart  of longboard grip tapes or skateboard deck. Generally, we recommend the following: