What size skateboard do I get?

I was at the skateboard store when I overheard a little kid ask, “What size skateboard do I get?” The sales associate reached under the counter and pulled out a few different boards. “So what are you looking for? Are you looking to learn tricks on your own or ride with others?”

“Um…ride with others.” He paused for a moment before adding, “And maybe be able to do some tricks if it’s not too hard.” so i thought why not to write a detailed guide about it. Here we goes.

For the beginner who is just starting in skateboarding and wondering about the suitable skateboard size for yourself, then welcome to the answer to the most famous question of What size skateboard do I get. This is not only limited to beginners but even if you are in the action sport of skateboarding, then it’s a must to know the correct skateboard size.

Let me surprise you that it’s not the length or wheelbase but the deck’s width that is most important if you want to balance perfectly or execute a trick. Of course, wheelbase and length help but the deck width plays a vital role.

There are other factors to consider as well, like board shape, design, durability, etc.

Does skateboard deck size matter

Yes! I can’t emphasize much. Skateboard Deck is the part where you will balance your whole body; therefore, deck size should be carefully chosen. Let me explain why the skateboard deck is so important.

  • Let’s say you like the look of a large width skateboard and skateboarding on it; then it will require more of your power and energy during skating. This will exhaust you and won’t allow you to enjoy enough of this amazing sport.
  • A larger width deck will also make it harder for you to do any tricks.
  • On the other hand, if that deck is too small, you will not feel stable, and the whole body balance will be out.

If we take the rule of thumb, then 7.5″ width of the skateboard is generally comfortable to most teen riders. Again, it’s not prohibited to choose a wider deck skateboard if you have a larger shoe size or heavier body.

Skateboard and deck features:

 Skateboard decks are made of different materials like resin, carbon fiber, plastic, seven plywood of bamboo. The size of them varies between 7 inches to 10 inches by size; I mean the width. Parts and features of a skateboard deck are important before deciding the best one for you. You might want some specific skateboard brand or materialso here are some features that will help you out:

  • Length of board

 Length is measured from the tip of his nose to the tip of the skateboard deck’s tail. Length generally starts from 7.25 inches and goes all the way up to 32 inches. Some of the available lengths are 29.5 inches, 31.10 inches, 31.15 inches, 31.40 inches, 32 inches. Length is the third factor to consider after width and wheelbase.  

  •  Width of deck

 No doubt it’s the most important factor and can be considered number one on your list. Width is calculated from one side to the other of the deck. Suitable width selection gives you more stability, control, and balance over the board. The available sizes are 7.3 inches, 7.5 inches, 7.75 inches, 8 inches, and 8.25 inches.  

  • Shoe size

 is pretty important and explained below in this article. If you feel that your feet are much short from both size and off of the deck, then it’s not for you similarly; if you have plenty of space left on both sides after hopping on it, it is then not a perfect fit for you.  

  •  Nose 

The nose is like the head of the skateboard deck, the front side of it. Sometimes it’s hard to decide which end is the nose, but normally the manufacturer provides details about it. 

  • Tail

 This is the back of your deck where skateboards end. Like the nose, it is tough to tell the tail part, but again user manual or broacher comes in handy. 

  • Deck Mounting Holes

 These are pre-drilled holes made to mount skateboard trucks. They are a total of eight holes in the set of 2 x4. Four holes near the Tail and four on the nose. Note that they are in a good finish as some decks get loose if the drilled holes don’t fit properly. 

  • Deck Wheelbase

 As it’s clear from the name, that’s the base of your skateboard wheels. It is calculated from one inner mounting hole set to another. Some of the sizes are 12.5 inches, 14 inches, 14.10 inches, and 14.40 inches. Now that size varies according to the width and length of the deck. Wheelbase adjustment dramatically affects the performance of skateboard. 

  • Concave (Shape)

 It’s the shape between the tail and nose of the deck. For a controlled ride and a stronger grip, the concave is such important. Different available concave shapes are w-concave, tub, asymmetric, convex, flat. 

  • Bearings 

These are actually wheel parts and fit inside them. It allows skateboard wheels to move freely and spin without any problem. 

  • Rails

 It is connected to the concave of the skateboard deck. Basically, the board edges are called rails, and mostly rounded edges are used. Other rails, like sharp, have quite a blunt edge to keep your skateboard shoes intact. GP is another type; it stands for gas pedal rails. Some areas of the rails are cut to  

  • Ply Layers

 Most manufacturers press thin layers of wood on to each other tightly, making extremely strong decks, and These layers are called ply. Such decks are super strong as compared to any board made with a single piece of wood. Decks are ranging from seven-ply to nine+ ply depending on their price. 

  • Effective Foot Platform (EFP)

  In wheelbase, we only calculated the distance, but in EFP, we also consider the area on the top of the deck’s skateboarder. Simply this is the area or space between one end to the other except nose or tail. 

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What’s the average skateboard size:

Generally, skateboard deck width varies from 7.0″ up to 8.5″, so you need to know your physical condition. What I mean, you should know your height, weight, shoe size, and for experienced skateboarders, your personal choice and skate style as well.

Here is a simple chart with skateboard sizes in inches that will help you out during selection:

 skateboard size chart in inches

Pointwise skateboard deck size guide

 Here are step by step points on how to go about it:



  •    Body weight and height Riding Style & Terrain

It’s simple; you select a thing to wear, like shoes or cloth that fit you. Not loose, not too tight, just perfect fit. 

The same rule applied to skateboards as well. If your body size is small, then choose a smaller board deck, but if you are taller, then the full-size board is recommended. 

Most skateboard decks have the same length, but it’s the width that makes all the difference. 

Even a small measurement can make a huge difference in your experience. Board feel is another factor like a concave, cup, etc. 

  •    Size of your shoe

Shoe size is probably one of the important factors determining the answer to what skateboard should I need. Doing pro tricks on boards is easy when your shoe has a proper connection with the skateboard deck. That’s why we recommend proper skate shoes if you really want to enjoy the ride. See the below image for better understanding:

  •    Your riding style

 If you are a transition skater, you like to skate on more stable surfaces like parks, pools, etc. A wider deck is your answer. On the other hand, if you like flipping, twisting tricks of skateboards, you are more inclined towards street skating, and a narrower skateboard deck should be your choice. Please note that this is just one piece of the puzzle, and the above two points should also have kept in mind before choosing the right size skateboard.


Different Styles and Shape Skateboard Decks

Choosing the correct skateboard size also depends on the shape and style of different decks. There are several styles, but four are common. Remember we discussed your riding style? It will come in handy here because you will choose deck style and shape as per your riding style. 


As it is obvious from the name, they are short but less stable. Ideal for pro skaters as they want to spend more time in the air performing tricks. A beginner can also use this if you are more inclined toward street skating or park skating. 

 Old School

With a kick tail and flat nose old school skateboards are an amazing choice if pools, ramps are your skating choice. They are asymmetrical and also have wiser nose comparatively. 


 The second type of skateboard is a cruiser. They have mid-length decks. Pretty versatile and have a specialty of kick tails. Being fast and flexible in the movement, they are known as mid skateboarding tools. A perfect example of a cruiser is Retrospec Zed Bamboo. We have written a complete detailed guide around it. 


Some of you might only enjoy skating, traveling without doing any tricks, etc. These longboard skateboards are the ideal choice for you. They are more stable and, being lengthy, have room to move feet. As they are closer to the ground with asymmetric shape, it gives more control and balance to beginners. Speed can also be increased by adding new wheels. If you wanted a thrill ride of downhill racing for any chance, then the only choice is a longboard. 

A handpicked list of longboards has been given on this site. 

What size skateboard for size 9 shoe

 Keeping in mind above all tips and points, it’s easier to choose what size actually fits you. Now generally, skateboard for size 9 shoe is bigger than usual boards. Starting from skateboard deck width, if your shoe size is 9, then 7.5 to 8 inches would fit you. But if your shoe size is more than or equal to 9.2, our recommendation is a deck of 8 to 8.5 inches. This is a perfect measure of a size 9 shoe skateboard deck.

 what size grip tape do I need

This is also an important question that arises along with what size skateboard I should get. I will not keep it unattended, so here we go. 

Grip tape for skateboards sold in size of 9 inches by 32 inches. For longboards, this size is 12 inches by 4 inches. If you are applying grip tape on any cruiser, penny, old school, or longboard, then make sure it covers the whole deck and doesn’t miss any part of it. 

The main purpose is to establish extra grip, and if any parts are missed and your foot lands on to, it might cause a slip-on critical maneuver. If you need some more details on what is the best grip tape for skateboard, then check out our post. 


This might sound too much but believe me, it’s important. I hope this answered your question and you will be able to get a perfect size skateboard for yourself.